Dev meeting tonight at 19:00 Lisbon time. Who's joining?



Meeting link:

Hey @AndyatFocallocal, sorry it’s coming late. I won’t be available for the meeting today. I have backlog to take care of at work.

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Ok, no worries. If you have any updates or things to share can you post them here :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hey fellas! How are you doing?
My update for that past week is that I only did the “Move header to i18n file” task, sadly I would be able to do maybe a task or two


@xarielah 1 task in your 1st week is great. Especially as you also successfully managed to set up localhost, and provided a guide to others going through the same process. That’s excellent practice!

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I’ve been working on pulling data out of the database for our token distribution bot. Its tough going as i can’t read SQL, but i’ve succeeded in getting all of the three commands we need to run individually. Now i just need to get all three to run together and then move onto the Google Sheets API.

I’ve also been working on growing an audience for our hackathon, and community projects in general on Reddit.

I’ve started a new community for developers wanting to work on opensource projects for good causes. r/goodopensource which i managed to get 900 followers for.

I took over two happiness/kindness related sub-reddits:

  1. 5,000 more people we can reach: Kindness
  2. 34,000 more: r/selflove

I’m working on setting new healthy rules and missions for both of them and building a mod team so they can grow.

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