Weekly project update (as there was no meeting this week)


Here’s a written update as we didn’t have a video call this week. Please post your progress updates and anything you want to share/ask here.


  • I’m making progress on learning enough SQL to get the database query working. I estimate it’ll be ready by next week.

  • I’ve been talking to a few external Devs about creating a mentorship program here, something I’ve talked about with @Marvelxy before as we get a lot of Devs contributing to our platform to learn a new language. I found 5 new Devs who are interested in setting simple tasks which improve our platform, then supporting and guiding them. Also guiding them into good learning materials, and reviewing their code, explaining any improvements they can make. Anyone here want to join the team with Marvelous, or be mentored by them?

  • We also run r/webdevjobs on Reddit to help anyone contributing here to find paying jobs. We highlight anyone who is looking by pinning a post with their portfolios in at the top of the subreddit. It would be great if someone would help manage that by checking each month who’s looking for paid work, and making then pinning that post in Reddit. Anyone want to take that role?

  • I’m away travelling now so decided to put the Hackathon to give our platform an injection of energy, off until I get back later this week. Then I’ll try to get it running.

  • I’m starting weekly YouTube interviews of people in the happiness and wellbeing industry as we have a large audience already and it’s a great way to reach more people in their audience who we know are interested in the field, and tell them about our community and platform. Also should open bigger doors at global summits, and other events.

@Marvelxy As I’m a beginner I’d love to be part of this program as a mentee.

On that note, is this the right place for a general question about setting up the platform? I’ve managed to get the platform running. However, while running on my machine I can’t browse the map or find events? Any suggestion as to what is the problem?


Hey @Alfonsoanaya , you are welcome to the team. Mentoring is one of our purposes, so we will definitely be glad to mentor you :joy:

As for the “page not found” error, I think the URL is wrong. I see an overlapping URL. It seems to be a combination of the localhost and the production URL.


I don’t think @Alfonsoanaya has set up Discourse locally yet. That URL is calling Docuss which won’t run without it, wouldn’t that cause a page not found error?

It’s not necessary to set up Discourse locally to code on the react side of the platform, but with many tasks it does help.

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That’s right @Marvelxy. I’m redirected to this URL when I click on “local” in the landing page.

This is the path I would follow in the online platform to display the map and find individual events.

I want to make changes to the “event” page. But in order to see if my changes work I need to be able to access individual events pages. Can I get there in some other way?

That’s right, I haven’t set up discourse locally. Was a bit confused about how to do it, but I can give it a try.

I want to make changes to react side of the platform (the events page). Can I get to individual events in some other way?

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I see that my local branch is out of date. I will update it and give you feedback on this

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Do you mean the event listed on the homepage, the Project section:

No, I mean the events you can find after searching “local”. For instance:

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Okay, I think @AndyatFocallocal can answer that :wink:


Sorry I’m flying today. To me it looks like there are no events in the database to see yet. Also it’s not easy to create one to work on as the top toolbar is in the discourse side. The tool bar you see now doesn’t link to the new site, it’s normally covered by discourse and Docuss.

I think we talked before about having a dummy database, let me see if I can find that discussion and where it went to

I don’t think we created a dummy database, looks like the outcome was that is better devs set up Discourse and Docuss as they’ll need it sooner rather than later.

Well done getting localhost running @Alfonsoanaya, it is often tricky. Here’s a guide to setting up Discourse on your system, which will have you set to code any task you like the look of: Setting up Discourse for Local Development (Local Host)

Once it’s up you just create an event yourself on the map to work on. let us know if you need any support.

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Hi all, @Marvelxy @AndyatFocallocal
I’m back in need of help. I’ve successfully installed Discourse, but I’m running into trouble installing the docuss plugin.

There are two issues I’d like to troubleshoot but I need some help.

  1. Docuss website json file. According to sylque’s guide for installing the plugin we need to point our Discourse to a json file. From what I could gather this info is in fl-maps/dcs-website.json at master · focallocal/fl-maps · GitHub. Does this mean that I should point my discourse to the following website: https://sylque.github.io/dcs-website-schema/json/schema.json. ?

  2. Another problem I might have is a flawed installation of the plug-in. Sylque’s first step to install the plug in is to modify discourse/containers/app.yml . The problem is for some reason I don’t have that directory nor that file. For what it’s worth, the container directory doesn’t exist in the discourse git either: GitHub - discourse/discourse: A platform for community discussion. Free, open, simple.

Any tips with either of this problem would be great help, thanks!

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Sorry for the late reply @Alfonsoanaya

  1. The most current version of dcs-website.json is this one: fl-maps/dcs-website.json at master · focallocal/fl-maps · GitHub as Sylvain isn’t actively updating Docuss anymore. That file calls some information from https://sylque.github.io/dcs-website-schema/json/schema.json, but you don’t need to do anything with it. It’ll find it from there for you.
  2. The answer to question two i think you’re looking for the ‘Plugin installation tutorial’ halfway down the page here: Discourse Plugins (this forum) - #2 by AndyatFocallocal

@Marvelxy I would love to be a mentee!


You are very welcome. That’s part of what we do here :blush:

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@Alfonsoanaya How did you get on?