Build a way to print out our map

Its important to our projects that users can print off a physical version. Especially for the homelessness and disaster relief versions where access to internet is likely to be less easy to obtain.

This should be two pages, one of a map and the other a list with the basic details of each listing in a categories selected by users.

A nice to have would be if we could block certain categories as i can’t see a reason why we would want anyone to print out a map of all users who have posted themselves on the map (even if they0ve been advised to use a landmark nearby rather than their actual address).

I’ve found this which can handle the job:

But you may find a better option. Important to note that this plugin will not work with the old version of MeteorJS so please check with the @SysAdmin team whether the upgrade has been completed before beginning this task.

The list page will need to strip out all but these details to save space:

  • Title
  • Category
  • Address
  • Times Active

I think it would be good if the list page can print more than one page if needed. The only listings appearing on the list version should be those in the location users have selected. For example London, or Harrow (a district of London).

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Hi @AndyatFocallocal , you can assign this task to me. If someone needs a task and it hasn’t been done, they can take it :wink:

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