Internal Happiness Agents (engagement, recognition, rewards, and a little special feeling!)

This Thread is for:

  1. Discussing ideas to engage the Focallocal community
  2. Making sure everyone’s efforts in growing the Movement are recognised
  3. Rewarding members for their commitment
  4. Making sure everyone feels a little extra special for being a part of our Positive Action community

Log hours of social action, and ultimately everyone comes together at the end of a year at a celebration event, where those who have done amazing things are awarded (e.g. the person with the most hours; the person with the most unique action ideas; the person who’s build up the biggest team; the person who’s run the most successful event… etc.)

Logging hours sounds technically difficult, we’d need to make some kind of browser plugin or something.

We could log missions compete easily, via the forum and posts in the missions compete category. each should be around 30 mins to compete. I like the idea of an awards ceremony and a prize for the winner

Sounds good, but at the same time that might turn into competition ? (Just a thought)

I was thinking maybe we could give a little something (maybe a little badge with the focallocal logo!), to everyone who organises their 1st positive action, that could encourage members who think that “someone else” should be organising the activities or for the ones who are not sure about doing it or not. (I would definitively put it on my wall! :smiley: )

Also we could give another one to anyone who helps another member with an activity? I don’t know, in case someone is hesitating about doing an activity alone, someone else can offer himself as co-host and help!

@eldavimost Rewards would be great.We could give a virtual badge for the 1st activity, the aim is for thousands each day, so a physical badge we could do for a while, but would have to take it away at some point, but could use it until then

physical rewards would be great for a higher amount of activities though. like after 10. after 50. after 100, etc We could ask the Meteor Team to add a virtual badge and scoring system. it’d encourage more people if they saw that badge shared :slight_smile:

@AndyatFocallocal Agree on everything!

The badges should be shown in the profiles of the users, and we could also have a scoreboard showing people with most total badges, with most badges on different areas, etc

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@eldavimost now the main issue is combining databases. this forum and wordpress have a built in sync we can set up during the hack. i’d like to pull that into the action center …although the action center may remain as a simple html directory resource, as we haven’t planned a solution yet. pulling it into the homepage should be easy, we could just redesign it within wordpress.

the other area is where the gatherings will be created, the Meteor gatherings map. we’d need to set them up to off of the same database, or get them sharing data between.

oh, and the shop too, but its not really important to combine, and almost certainly magento/wordpress have database plugins already

@ydaniel98 what do you think about this?