[Discussion] I've created a problem. Ideas welcome

@WebDev We have a bit of a problem of my making, can we discuss ideas to fix it?

@Yurate is building a new Wireframe which will improve useability here and needs to review our current platform.

I gave Zhna the go ahead to push updates to the live site as it wasn’t building anyway so there’d be no harm. They did an excellent job and got the updated site building again. Our React app isn’t building though.

The React app/Local side stopped running with the new updates. I didn’t think this would be a problem if it happened as yurante could review brightertomorrowmap.com which is a copy of the platform, but about 6 months behind. What I didn’t expect is that at some time recently the database on BTM has developed a problem, so we can’t log in and all posts on the map are missing.

I’m not sure if the DB has corrupted somehow, or maybe Digital Ocean updated something on their side and our dated app isn’t connecting anymore.

We have 2 problems to discuss:

  1. Yurante needs to see and review the live site in the next 1-3 days otherwise it’s going to hold her work up
  2. We need to get BTM up and running pretty quick as i’m been working on finding partners in the homelessness sector to get it now active, and they want to see it operational. Let’s say a week broken would be ok but after it’s becoming a problem.

I’m going to begin by asking Digital Ocean if they’ve changed anything recently that could block DB access to an old app.

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For 1: Does someone have the React app running on localhost who would be able to screenshare in a call with us so we can talk through it?

@Yurate if you took screenshots during it would that be enough to work with?

yes @AndyatFocallocal, that would be enough. I just need to see all the information that goes there and understand the structure

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I think the call would take about 30mins.

I can try push a pr to fix the react app. I would expect local should show up, except for the event forms and filter forms. I’ll see if I have enough time to do it now…

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@zhna123 that would give us a solid starting point. Sorry for telling you there was no risk without checking BTM first. The live site hasn’t been touched in over 6 months so its very odd that its broken now and really unfortunate timing.

No worries. I created a PR. Hopefully it will fix the react app. I need to go, if it’s not fixed, I can have another look later today.

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Thank you so much!

It was a success. Semi-success, but that’s what you were aiming for so its great!

You are welcome :slight_smile:
I should’ve tested the homepage - just created another PR to fix it: Fix homepage - Added missing props by zhna123 · Pull Request #1187 · focallocal/fl-maps · GitHub

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