Differentiate the Testing site from the Production site

@WebDev. Tom suggested that we should clearly see when we are on the Testing server by changing something obvious beyond just the url so we can see it is the Master branch loading. Any suggestions on the best way to achieve that?

i18n is supposed the be the only place where differences between the platforms are defined.

Currently Master and PHM both load the same i18n folder as they both use map type ‘gatherings’. We could create a new map-type for the Master branch, which isn’t a huge change. Then put a different header image in.

It does run the risk of those i18n files in the new folder falling behind the other branches. Their content isn’t really being actively used by anyone and people will forget to update them.

We don’t want to make a code difference outside of i18n or that’ll constantly get pushed downstream by mistake. The codebases outside of i18n should always be the same.

Would a good solution be:

  • adding a small banner header server side?
  • a new map-type?
  • something different, suggestions welcome.

With the new design this isn’t really necessary i guess, as we can just make 1st title on a category that it is the testing server, so this is a temporary issue that’ll resolve itself.