The About Page and Banners in Categories and Sub-Categories

The 1st ever post in every Category and Sub-Category is the ‘About’ post.

The 1st paragraph of the About post is special as it appears in the banner for that category or sub-category. How we use that is that we ask each team to sum up their mission in one paragraph, less that 30 words ideally, so the banner in their Category or Sub-category is their Mission statement. Afterwards i normally add a few of the most useful links for the members of that team using markdown.

You can use markdown everywhere on PHM and Discourse forums. If you aren’t familiar with it you can use the buttons above the text input icon. It is simple to learn and very useful so i recommend having a look at some basic markdown commands.


To add links you would type [this](https:\\

Users would see this:

To add links you would type this

(if you can’t find the 1st post somewhere you can also access it by clicking on ‘edit category’)