[Request] If anyone has any interest in coding EmberJS we have an important task over there which would help everyone

@WebDev @ReactMeteor we have an urgent task over there. I wondered if any of the new members in the React team would be interested in coding it.

We’re still fighting our UX issues and an edit to the sidebar would solve it, allowing us to open all the categories to everyone rather than keeping them hidden. Fortunately there is already a plugin which does what we want, it just needs to be expanded as it only works for 5 categories, where we need to use it for about 30.

Plugin to modify 1
Plugin to modify 2
(they work together)

Here’s the Task over there: https://publichappinessmovement.com/t/topic/3781

(note: you will have to join the EmberJS group to click that link. this task will solve that hugely annoying issues)