Welcome and onboarding meetings

Welcome everyone

@WebDev, I was thinking it would be a good idea to have a few video calls to explain about our project/community, our tech stack/operating procedures, and to get to know each other/ask questions.
I’m away at a XR (VR,AR,MR) conference in Helsinki until Saturday, so this Sunday and next week would be best.

I’ll post some times below, please vote on the all the times you can make and we’ll do calls on the 3 with the most votes, to make sure everyone can make a time. If none of the times work you can comment another time.

You’re welcome to join all three, or just one. We’ll record them too so there’s a passive onboarding solution for anyone who can’t make a call now, and in the future.

Timezone: GMT+03:00

Sunday 9:30

Sunday 12:00

Sunday 15:00

Sunday 19:00

Monday 9:30

Monday 12:00

Monday 15:00

Monday 19:00

Tuesday 9:30

Tuesday 12:00

Tuesday 15:00

Tuesday 19:00

Wednesday 9:30

Wednesday 12:00

Wednesday 15:00

Wednesday 19:00

Thursday 9:30

Thursday 12:00

Thursday 15:00