All content visible to user should be in i18n folder. Please move banner images into i18n

This is a good task for learning how i18n works in our codebase.

At the moment the hero images for each site are loaded in this file based on the maptype using else statements.

The hero image is visible to the user (images and text) and so should be called from the i18n folder so that its easy for non-devs to find and change when desired, and to keep consistency in our codebase’s organisational system.

Please move each image link into the relevant i18n file. Here is the file where the link should be for PHM.

You will likely need to create new i18n files for Climate and Wiggles, depending on whether they exist yet or not when you complete this task. They can be a complete copy/paste of the i18n phm folder, ready for someone to begin editing all the text and photos on that site.