Resources to go onto the Brighter Tomorrows Map

Here’s a place to find, discuss and create resources which should go onto the map once its live!

discuss locations, form plans and teams, what numbers are needed, add to each others ideas, find addresses, who, what and when, here.

Once you have all the details please create a card in the Missions Section ready to go onto the map as soon as it goes live

3 …2 …1 …GO! :slight_smile:

(p.s. atm, the Missions Section section is underdeveloped. you can begin, i’ll improve it over the next few days)

We (Solar League) will be distributing power banks around Strand area. I think it will be a useful resource for the homeless that we can place onto the map.


cool. @roman will you be contacting cafe’s in the area, or other local businesses to give a stable spot that we can add to the map once it’s re-deployed?

“Board not found” on the Trello board, fyi.

thanks @Shellbot i’ll be updating these and linking the boards on Monday and Tuesday. atm lets begin discussing things which will go onto the Trello board :slight_smile:

Another resource:

The Goodwill Tribe London would love to create ‘coat donation stations’ where people can bring a coat/take a coat as appropriate.
What’s needed:

  • Venues willing to host the coat racks
  • Signs that suggest a drop off/pick up.
  • Coat/Warm clothes donations.

I’d like to encourage people to invite those who are homeless to meet for a chat in a cafe, and buy them a coffee. that’d be really nice. perhaps we can set that as a suggestion to users somehow? a list of suggestions they can offer maybe?

sorry for the delay. the board is now live :slight_smile: