New Reddit Mod Message: r/randomactsofkindness

Thanks for offering to join in with modding at r/randomactsofkindness.

Our mission is to encourage users to post non-financial random acts of kindness they’ve completed or witnessed, or others can do, to inspire others to create more kindness in our world.

The non-financial rule was brought in as without it this sub looks a lot more like r/povertyporn. Occasionally i’ll let a post that mentions money slide if the act of giving money is secondary to the kindness, but mostly posts involving money are removed.

Posts requesting something aren’t allowed and mostly what you’ll be removing are people asking for things. Requesting an act of kindness, like birthday cards for a relative, should normally be removed. I occasionally let one stay but members should message the mods first to discuss it if they want to request our community do something kind.

I recommend getting the reddit toolbox browser plugin as it makes modding easier: