Create a Docker file to make it easier for new devs to set up a local version of our platforms

Task: make it easier for new devs to join our project by packaging the localhost setup in a docker file.

@Sejalvyas13 if you are able to please change the tag on this task to ‘doing’ and assign it to yourself to learn our work process. Let me know if you have any issues with that.

In threads we type anything technically relevant to the task so others can find it and contribute, ask questions, make suggestions, and see how you tackled the task incase that’s relevant in the future.

Messages in the Chat thread where we’ve been communicating until now are auto erased after 90 days and not so easy for others to browse/find, so those are for general chat around a task. Anything technically relevant to the task which is said iun chat should be copy/pasted here too.

Hi Andy, sure will do. I was trying to setup discourse on my local, following this discourse/docs/ at main · discourse/discourse · GitHub

Instead of using digital ocean, I got ubuntu on my local and cloned the project there. Should I just use the cloud server instead? I want to get past the setup quickly so that I can help with this docker task and move it to “doing”

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Yes, that should work fine on a cloud server