Focallocal Promo Vid

All the footage is in our Google Drive, feel welcome to use any of it

Our current Intro is very dated, doesn’t describe what we do very well, and people have said the voice needs to be much more exciting to capture Focallocal.

The main aims of the footage are:

  • “WOW. they look f*cking cool, how do i join”

  • They have an idea to make the World Happier and bring peace into it

  • It looks easy and fun!

My suggestion would be to build this with a modular format in mind, so in the future as more awesome footage is created we can simply switch out clips (add the text again if needed), and carry on using the same fabulous video you’ve created!

Also, i’m available on here as are the rest of the team, to ask about the message


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here’s another one of our old vids i just found (on request from the dogs owner as it just passed away)

Charlie is happy for us to use this one in our editing too, i’ll add it to google drive now.

@AndyatFocallocal I really like the ending of the video…(slow motion black and white)…I think it would be great to do an editing of a mix of different pillow fights…what do you think?

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@Flavia absolutely. i’d like to have a ‘promo compilation vid’ and a short ‘how to guide’ for all of our Positive Action activities. they are all listed in the Missions section:

atm we don’t have a sufficient promo compilation, or how to vid for any of our activities. just a few good vids from one off activities and flash mobs