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Rule 1: Invite all of your positive and proactive friends to join in. That’s how to build a Movement that will change the World!

The roots of our Community Movement are Positive Public Action. Small, fun gatherings that show everyone how easy it can be to make a change to life in their community.

Imagine a world where every time you walked out the door there was a fun community activity going on and you were invited to join in if you wanted to. No-one would ever need to feel lonely, or disconnected again. Its not our goal to pressure anyone into joining in, just to make sure the opportunity to do so exists, and everyone feels welcome to participate

Join in here and lets make that friendly, happy and connected world into a reality!


  1. Click Missions and find a task you can tackle, or…
  2. Discuss here ideas for new missions for yourself or others, and if its a good idea a senior team member will add a card to Missions for others
  3. Assign it to yourself and move the card into “Sprint” until complete
  4. Move the card into ‘Missions Complete’ …when complete
  5. Visit the Hero Hub and post in Mission Complete to share your achievement with others, and let the wider community know what is going on
  6. Know that you’ve done something to build a friendlier, happier and safer future for us all x

Lets build a positive revolution!
Andy :0)