The Switch to Tag-Pages (with examples how to use them effectively)

Due to @pjsmooth’s excellent work on the kanban plugin we can begin switching the entire forum to run on tag-pages.

We’ll keep the category structures for now, just design navigation of the forum around tags.

What that means for you in general use is to be more specific with the tags you use when creating a post as those will determine where your post is listed. One of the biggest advantages of this is a fluid multi-level and cross-team experience.

For example:

You can now create a collaboration on a task simply by tagging it in both like this: ‘ux, reactjs, sprint’. Now it appears as a task for discussion in both teams ‘sprint’ list.

You can also use top level overviews like this: ‘ux, reactjs, webdev, backlog’. Now clicking webdev will show all dev related tasks in all teams to give a quick, powerful overview.

To make things even cooler you can also spin-off sub teams whilst remaining in the main team, like this: ‘webdev, ux, homepage, backlog’. Now you can have a few team members in the UX team collaborating on the homepage and still being available and engaged in the wider UX team.

Probably at some point an existing task in their ‘homepage’ sub-team will benefit from some UI or Graphic Design support - often its easier to create a new task/thread, but if not it’s still easy - just add a ‘UI, Graphic Design’ tag to your discussion and it’ll appear in their Kanban board. A comment saying hello and explaining what you need support with in that thread/task would be a good idea at this point as new community members from a different team will be coming in to read whats going on.