TravisCI - The Build Process

How does a change to the focallocal project make it production?
How can I track the status of my build/how are builds built?

Upon merging a PR a webhook is fired against our Travis CI instance. The project can be found here.
Access is controlled by the github organization and I’m not sure your bone standard user is able to get in there and view things.

Travis sometimes has issues with build queues. When a build is scheduled it needs to boot a VM and execute the build steps defined in the project file. If Travis suffers an outage or degradation a large number of these VMs may need to be booted up, and they limit the number of these that can be done at once. The queues need to process before a stuck build is processed.

Since they got bought up by a venture capital firm Travis has been having some issues here and there. Their status page is available at