Getting Started - UX/UI Design/Feature Decision Making

You can find and post challenges to tackle in the UX Category by clicking '[email protected]

We’re building towards a Decentralised Governance model weighted by previous contributions to the community and project.

The reason for weighting voting is because members who have been active longer are likely to be more familiar with the project’s needs and ethos. New members receive one vote, then each rank you rise here you gain an extra vote.

The process of handing over to a fully decentralised governance system will be gradual to allow time to explore the most effective ways to implement a system, pressure test them, and ingrain them as culture withing an established community who can guide and support enthusiastic new members.

Stage 1

Note: As we’re currently a small team some of this process is often circumvented simply through discussion and general agreement between the team

Post a general idea into the ideas suggestion forum. This should be a quick, light post to gauge feedback and gather suggestions from other community members before you spend a lot of time and become invested in your idea.

Keeping this 1st layer light and free cultures quick flow of ideas and strengthens suggestions before turning them into a full proposal.

Stage 2

New design changes need to be broken into each specific element. Mock-ups are preferred, but not essential.

Each design element must equal or enhance the existing platform in all of the following features:

Vibe: This Design Elements Feels

  • Welcoming
  • Fun
  • Warm
  • Vibrant
  • Full of Positive Energy
  • Efficient
  • Like a Community

Usability: This Design Feature Has

  • Clarity: Are all visual cues and language clear to you? Do they signify what you expect to happen?
  • Efficiency: Are users able to accomplish their task in the fewest amount of actions?
  • Simplicity: Are users met without needless distractions, screen elements, or info?

Stage 3

If the proposed change meets all criteria above then it should be posted for discussion and voting in the UX/UI category listing all perceived improvements to the current platform, as numbered points for discussion. for example:

  1. The design uses less clicks to take the user to the same place
  2. It uses space better allowing other elements to breathe
  3. Users will have a clearer idea what to do here because…
  4. This feature is more prominent and draws the user towards the desired behaviour better

Please be welcoming to suggestions and examination to your ideas, we are a collaborative community and this process will make your ideas stronger and our site the best that it can be

Stage 4

Someone has a different idea, or slightly different approach to implementing which you disagree with

The other user should post their version of the change in the [UX/UI Thread]( UX/UI category, listing all it’s perceived advantages.

Stage 5 is delayed by a week for a week and users are invited to vote their favourite by liking either post. Whichever post gathers more :hearts: moves forwards.

Stage 5

  • Create a card in Tasks, breaking the build of the new design feature into 30min - 1hr tasks. If you need to create more than one, please post a link to the others in the card as often someone will want to complete all related missions having begun one.
  • If you intend to build it yourself immediately then move it directly into the ‘Sprint’ list

Project Management and Prioritising

unless you are already building it yourself, Project Managers will assess your new feature on a (low) 1 - 5 (high) scale based on:

  • User Value
  • Estimated Effort to Implement Changes

The card will then be moved around and positioned in the Tasks list based upon it’s score. Developers can pick any card they like, though the one’s at the top generally get completed faster.