General Discussion on Improving our Platforms UX Design

@danyalamriben @NJUX i’ve set up this documentation to help you work with teams task management using our Kanban plugin and the Action Center. See the ‘Missions’ tab above this post.

Lets test it out 1st in your UX Category

I’ll let you move Missions (cards) over as i’m sure you’ll want to edit or update them

For brevity, here’s the direct Trello link

@danyalamriben @NJUX here’s the quick overview i set up to give more of an idea how the site and forum work together. It’s not great as its late and i’m feeling quite unwell tonight so i rushed. Feel welcome to ask questions so i expand my answer tomorrow :slight_smile:

Story: Mr Danny hears about some cool projects we’re building and wants to get involved by using his UX skills to help.

[Skipped: Splash Page > Signup > Homepage]

  • Danny: I signed up and i want to do UX.

  • User Homepage: Build awesome things in the Action Center (‘thats a dorky name’ thinks Danny). A note mentioning skills, projects and global flashmobs related to building guides him to ‘build’

  • Clicks: ‘Build’ and arrives in Action Center

[Arty is hooking this up to the forum this week, for now we’ll use the old version]

  • Danny is on this Page

  • ‘Ok, there’s some interesting things going on here’

  • A guide tells him to pick an option to filter ‘Teams’ for using your skills, ‘Projects’ for finding specific projects to join in building, ‘Global Flash Mobs’ to build specific globally coordinated flash mobs.

  • Danny Clicks ‘Skills’ and scrolls down to find UX

[note: this page has a limited capacity and will be rebuilt as the community grows

  • 'ok theres a quick overview and a button to ‘join’

Danny either:

A) clicks the button to join which opens the forum (as the two aren’t linked right now that’s a redirect. in the new site it’ll just slide open to the same page)
B) …probably those other two options would take him away from where we want him to visit, so we should move them into the ‘resources’ list in the forum. B should probably be removed from the card.
Proposed C) what about we also have a ‘Rapid Response Team’ option here where ‘files’ is now. This means Danny could join a group. A direct link to one of these:
These are the people that the Projects, and Global Flash Mobs can tag @GraphicDesign to request help.

  • Once into the forum there is a getting started guide which he bookmarks to come back to after lunch, and seems to be a lot of cool people doing UX for a great cause… which makes him smile.

Sidenote: here’s some more examples

For the most part i think we’d use links rather than balloons or clickable elements. we can do any of those. I’m sure you’ll have great ideas about that though

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btw, the voting plugin is active on this thread. Not sure if i did that by mistake or not so i’ll leave it up in case one f you is exploring it. you can turn it off in the edit category menu, or set it to be a button instead of hearts on a thread you create. there is also a work around to have hearts and a vote button.

i thought we could use that for decision making, to stop me barking orders as our go-to governance model :slight_smile:

I’m sorry I did that by messing around I will remove it! Although it made me laugh, just clicking it just entered a vote! I don’t where I stand in this debate.

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2019-07-10T10:30:00Z2019-07-12T05:00:00Z can this be my “remind me!” to plug this into a rough draft

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Oh! I only have 7 votes to give. Actually I quite like that feature, it levels the playing field between those who join in a bit for a long time, and the super eager who have an outsized influence spamming votes on everything

Just to clarify, why did you say skipped splash/signup/etc?

I skipped them as that wasn’t what I was focusing on in the stories. We haven’t reached a decision on how they should operate yet

@UXers the theme changed our settings, so i’ve been playing around with the settings in a category so the topics aren’t a jumble of threads in the subcategories. I’ve done The Challenge and Web Dev categories as a trial.

I think it enhances usability significantly, what do you think?