Component: Admin Section

Description from Kyle Chapman, who installed the package:

A straight forward admin page. Admins can change user roles or delete them. Also, includes links to user posts so that moderators or admins can edit/delete the posts. There is a file that you will want to look at. imports\client\ui\pages\Admin\RolesPermissions\index.js because here you will see how the permissions are set.

export const roleOptions = ["admin", "moderator", "user"]

export const permissions = {
  adminPage: ["admin", "moderator"],
  changeRole: ["admin"],
  deleteUser: ["admin"],
  deleteEditResource: ["admin", "moderator"],

Right now only admins can delete users or change roles while both moderators and admins can delete or edit posts. When you make a change to the user you will see an entry in the user document under roles. global_roles in the database.
When you want to access the admin page just type /admin in the address bar after the url. When an admin is logged in they will see a link to the admin page in the drop down next to the logging out link. Instructions on How to get initial entry into admin page will be in the slack channel. If you have any suggestions let me know and when you are happy will do the same for fl_sleeper.

Here are the Link to the package and documentation.

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