[Kanban plugin] Zoom in/out button on the kanban board to give a quick overview

Users always struggle with kanban in mobile devices, as being close enough to engage with a card means, because of their small screens, users lose the visual overview which makes them so powerful.

This could be overcome with a prominent button to zoom in/out, to maintain the powerful project visualisation and organisation.

Who knows why Trello haven’t implemented that.

The plugin already has a full screen toggle. We’re expanding and improving how it functions.

You may find users can’t read the card titles at all in the zoomed out view with a verticle screen. If so you may need to force horizontal perspective.

This task is:

  • Prominent button for zoom in/out. Opening initially in full view where users can see all cards and all the lists.
  • Three view settings. 1) the current view. 2) all lists on one screen. 3) half way between both views.
  • Double tap the screen to move between views.