Bug: Discourse Category Banners theme component conflict

The Discourse Category Banners theme component is conflicting with something and preventing users from scrolling down to the bottom of a category

I don’t see any error messages in console. Its possible that it’s just being over-enthusiastic in cutting space at the bottom of the page leading to the impression that users can’t scroll further, when actually that is the last post. If that’s the case then it would just need a little white space underneath.

I’ve turned it off for now, here’s the direct link to adding in our admin section.

Here’s it’s page in meta, which is where you’ll find its Github

Here is a category in our site where it is set up when turned on, so you can test it.

@danyalamriben just letting you know that its currently turned off

@danyalamriben, the first thing to do is to disable the Docuss plugin and check the issue again.

Docuss does a lot of CSS overwritting, so any styling issue should be checked first with Docuss disabled.

If Docuss is the culprit, please file an issue here.

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@syl confirmed, the conflict is related to Docuss. I’ll file an issue. Thanks for noticing this post, you removed a headache we were going to struggle with.

Issue is tracked here: https://github.com/sylque/docuss/issues/9

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