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UX - Design Principles

Core Design Consideration Building a highly engaged and pro-active community Underlying Mission Creating connected communities centered around positive action on societal issues. Both locally, and globally. The Two…

2 31 August 2019
General Discussion on Improving our Platforms UX Design

@danyalamriben @NJUX i’ve set up this documentation to help you work with teams task management using our Kanban plugin and the Action Center. See the ‘Missions’ tab above this post. https://publichappinessmovement.com/…

10 21 July 2019
About the UX Team category 2 16 September 2019
UX - Start Here

This is **the** UX thread for The Public Happiness Movement. Posted below is a getting started guide and the main resources we are currently using. Here’s the link to our Android App if you haven’t already got it. It …

9 20 August 2019
Reviewing new Global section before we begin the build 79 19 February 2020
Test post for event calendar 1 1 February 2020
Just a test post on events 1 31 January 2020
Create tag synonyms for all our main tags 1 15 January 2020
Ooooh. I found a new cool toy for you to play with! 1 15 January 2020
Problem to solve: using the app users can't share a page with anyone as the address bar is hidden 8 15 January 2020
Switch the forum to operate on tag-pages 1 13 August 2019
Final Draft Discussion on New Forum Redesign 1 17 October 2019
Tecnical and Design Discussion: How to implement a search bar which makes it easy for users to search multiple tags 1 22 August 2019
Discuss: I found a smooth looking Discourse Blog theme, should we convert our Wordpress Magazine to it? 1 10 January 2020
Integrate a systemic solution to produce more team video calls in the action center 1 20 August 2019
Where should pages for Communities on our platform live? 1 22 August 2019
The Switch to Tag-Pages (with examples how to use them effectively) 1 17 August 2019
New Navigation Links 1 7 January 2020
Getting Started - UX/UI Design/Feature Decision Making 1 31 March 2019
UX Checklist 1 28 July 2019
Suggestion: Squad button in every tag-page banner. To join a group and be notified each time someone tags you 3 22 November 2019
Recent Feedback on Current Website 1 6 November 2019
Integrate a team calendar into the Build section 1 14 August 2019
Discussion: Current plan for navigation in the Build section 6 13 October 2019
Tool: Display most active users 1 13 October 2019
Example of the milestones and burn down chart we discussed. Where should we put it? 1 24 September 2019
Design a New Homepage for non-logged in users 22 21 September 2019
Discussion. The close button on an activity in the Gather section requires users to select 'going', 'maybe', 'not going' 1 31 August 2019
Discussion: How can we feature the team who are most active? 8 31 August 2019
Review proposed design for the new Action Center 13 27 August 2019