'General Discussion' thread all Team categories in this forum sync'd with their mirror thread in Slack

All posts in Slack should be synced both-ways with the General Discussion thread in the related team category in the forums.

for example: all posts in #ux-and-userflow in slack should be posted in this thread: General Discussion on Improving our Platforms UX Design and all posts in that thread in the forum should also appear in the same category in Slack.

This makes our forum the primary communications platform, but also means that users can join in with the rest of the team via slack if needed (usually because they use slack at work). Note: i’m not sure whether @ tags will work cross platform. That needs investigating.

Some Team categories in the forum don’t have a ‘general discussion’ thread. Please re-name the ‘about’ thread to ‘general discussion’.

Some Team categories and sub-categories in the forum don’t have a related Slack channel yet. Please create one.

Setting up the Chat Integration

Chat Integrations in our forum

Focallocal Slack Channel

Also, please create documentation to tell others what you did in case they want to hook up new channels in the future.

@danyalamriben i know you need this for work. I have tried to set it up, but i’m finding it a bit of a challenge. I’ll find some time later in the week to try again, unless you’d like to have a go