Website content plan

Website content plan

I have been using to organize information that comes in regarding different aspects of the content plan/structure.

You can view the board here website content plan visual, and if you are interested in interacting with it more, please DM me and I can try to give you edit access. I will also post images at the bottom of the two card sorts I did.

This is the exported markdown of the current project and I’m posting it for the benefit of the team to explore. It’s basically my plaintext repository of the site.

It’s just nice for me to visually arrange things, and I used it to do a personal card sort of both the action center and the activities page. My arbitrary organization scheme is, well, just an arbitrary organization scheme. If you disagree with it, I’d like to know and we can play around with it.

This can also be used as an aid to do more card sorting with users and tree tests in the future, as I have pasted each “action/activity card” 's description in and italicized the copy that is cut off in the current view

(I figured important to know that users are not currently seeing the hidden information off the bat, which might influence how one would logically categorize something)


Page content

Title: Homepage

Intro copy:

Local Action for Global Change.

Call to action:

Find a #PublicHappinessMovement near me!

Note: we’re still waiting on final designs for this page.

primary objectives of splash is to funnel users to their appropriate path:

  1. BUILD

Some inspiration images


Users coming to gather (the maps), will want to communicate online about meeting up in the real world to create more peace and well-being.

This part will be social primarily, but will also have the project management tools accessible in the background.

the map shouldn’t take up this much importance on the site, the whole view should not be the map when clicking gather, it makes it seem like the map is all that matters

it’s not about the map, it’s about the event, right? about actually showing up and doing something to make the world better?

a map view doesn’t yet encapsulate much of a social message and it’s not even obvious that there is social functionality embedded in the event if you click on it. That should be more obvious from the outset and take priority over your geographic location

make it just a module or feature of a more inclusive area on the site for in-person events

an equally important module would be the calendar feature

each project event needs two important identifiers:

  • time (calendar)
  • place (map)


  • are used to find activities near you or place an event you want others to participate in on the map so they can find you
  • not necessarily the most functional or inviting if there are NO EVENTS NEAR ME!

Maps will likely be a module/component of the entire “gather” environment

“action center” (36 cards)

this title should be banned though. come up with a different name for action center

Users will want project management, and an experience centered around building public happiness projects and our movement.

project management with social interaction in the background, for example sharing and enjoying community successes.

Learn and Interact with our Philosophy

welcome- getting started guide

Welcome to the Action Center - a micro-volunteering hub where ideas to create positive social change are suggested and broken down into simple and fun 30min Missions. All ideas are designed to empower local people to create positive change themselves where they live (‘local action for global change’). Based on Scrum and Agile principles, the 9 most active members on each build (including our Core Teams) from the previous month, become the leaders in the following month and organise/review the boards and missions. Teams with no-one active in are in the ‘suggestions’ column

Socially Responsible News

A new way of reporting the news to counter the mainstream media’s hyper-reactionary, morbidly fixate*d and socially divisive culture of reporting. Our news site will report Global news from the perspective of the positive reactions to upsetting incidents by individuals and related groups; while still reporting all important details which the average reader wants to know about, after reading our stories the reader will be left feeling closer to those around them, and reminded that 99.9% of the World are good people Promoting togetherness and peace, rather than scaremongering, dramatising and dividing our society for their own ratings*

Suggested Reading List

Suggest and discuss the most effective books and audio books you’ve found, which you feel will benef*it other readers We have an off-platform Reddit thread to reach out to the wider community, and a thread in our forum for you to chat on*

The Challenge

A 3 week group challenge for a happier and more connected world. Jump in to find 6 - 9 teammates, who’ll share and vote on each others ideas, then together build a social impact project.

Free Courses

Recommended courses you can take to improve your well-being and increase happiness in your life

Inspiring Hero’s Workshops

Inspiring Hero’s Positive Action Workshops: A creative writing/art workshop for troubled young peopl*e (EBD), creating a work on a simple life experience others will relate to which makes them smile; like playing with a dog, or hearing a new favourite song for the 1st time. To show those too aware of what it feels like to be looked upon as trouble by general society, how simple it can be to boost their self-esteem and be proud at the person looking back at them in the mirror, simply by doing something kind for others. Focallocal members take their positive works into a local hospice to brighten the day of those living their last few days, and bring back a token of gratitude they can keep as a reminder*

More Happiness

Homelessness, depression, mental health, high crime rates, underfunded education and health care, po*verty. All of these issues, and more, would be transformed, or even solved completely, if we measured societies success on the happiness and well-being of its citizens. We want to change politics from the ground up by asking local politicians to wear a pin if they agree to use a measure of well-being ahead of GDP in their role, then telling everyone to only vote for those who will put their well-being before corporate profits - Get started 9 step guide*

Local Be Happier Meetings

Set up regular meetings for all those who want to make where they live a happier place to meet each _other and plan activities and projects

Tips: Give attendees stickers to write what they want to do, for example, ‘make a free hugs gathering’, ‘reduce homelessness’, ‘design posters’, ‘not sure’, ‘everything’_

What We’re All About: Our Piece’s de Resistance

The Public Happiness Economy World Summit

A Global Summit at the same time, and on the same street as The World Economic Forum in Davos, which combines industry leaders from the Public Happiness, and New Economics worlds to discuss and create new and better economic systems to base our society on. A summit next-door to those focused on protecting today’s broken economic model, where solutions will emerge to refocus our global and local economies on incentivising people to take regular positive action on resolving all issues reducing well-being where they live. Empowering us all to take ownership for the well-being of our local community, and everyone in it. Designing and growing the economic systems needed to scale projects and make have out-sized, and dramatic impacts on improving societal and mental health worldwide.

Our Documentary

Launching in Cannes Film Festival 2020: ‘A Happy Path’ (provisional title) is a documentary filmed f*ollowing Andy over the past 2 years, his life travelling, and his effort to grow a vision for a more at peace and connected future for humanity - The Public Happiness Movement and Economy. The central theme is the token, and the journey of uniting the leaders of the Public Happiness and transformative economic worlds.*

Public Happiness Gatherings

Our Public Happiness Gatherings take place in the ‘Gather Section’. Here’s a card full of resources for those creating and supporting a gathering. The roots of our Community Movement are Positive Public Action. Small, fun gatherings that show everyone how easy it can be to make a change to life in their community. Imagine a world where every time you walked out the door there was a fun community activity going on and you were invited to join in if you wanted to. No-one would ever need to feel lonely, or disconnected again. Its not our goal to pressure anyone into joining in, just to make sure the opportunity to do so exists, and everyone feels welcome to participate Join in here and lets make that friendly, happy and connected world into a reality!

Public Happiness Token

Tokenising Happiness to bring more peace and well-being into the World - We are adding a block-chain token to our global happiness platform and inviting the most inspirational and effective communities working to create more well-being and connection in society from around the world. The token will exponentially increase the energy in our community. We’re building towards creating a space where all groups working in the same direction can be owners of this platform, and using decentralised governance to combine our energies to create a truly global and irrepressible Movement for a world fuelled by action for peace and well-being.

The Brighter Tomorrow Map

An effort to transform homelessness around the world by increasing the social safety net and empoweri*ng communities to provide effective support themselves. The map helps in two ways, first by creating an online crowd sourced and updated global map for folk who are homeless to help them find essential and helpful resources to meet their basic needs; including showers, addiction support groups, washing machines, soup kitchens, CV workshops, free suit lending for interviews, charities who’ll support them in building a brighter future. Second, by collecting the most effective ideas for things local people can do to help people in need nearby to walk a path to a brighter future.*

The Kindness and Fun Things Auction

Gather your friends, family and connections to organise a Kindness and Fun Things Auction, an auctio*n of kind and fun things you can do for each other. The only auction where everyone wins! - Winning bidders get awesome and unusual gifts - People offering something get the fun of sharing the experience, or doing something kind for the winner - Your favourite community raise funds to support our ongoing Public Happiness mission - A local charity chosen by the winning bidder gets 50% of all money raised (which is more than goes on the cause at a lot of major charities)*

The Active Happiness Shop

‘Active Happiness Apparel’ is an extension of our Public Happiness activities and projects. Its a shop for user created designs which encourage people who see it to carry out an action which will bring a little more happiness into the world, creating a little happiness bubble for the wearer to live inside. It’s build in Shopify and all profits go to covering the communities operating costs, with anything left over going into a pot which users can vote on how best to use to advance our mission


Video Production + Editing

Join in telling our story of how everyone can make their society friendlier, happier and safer thro*ugh Positive Action - because a friendly and connected community helps all social issues, from protecting against xenophobia and extremism, to helping the most vulnerable in our society, or simply making everyone’s life happier.*


Twins with the fabulous social Media Team, this is the team taking our message for Public Happiness further, reaching out to national, regional and international media. Newspapers, Bloggers, TV News, Radio, everyone needs to know that they can make their society friendlier, happier and safer through Positive Action. Everyone needs to know that a friendly and connected community helps each and every issues troubling society… from protecting against xenophobia and extremism, to helping the most vulnerable in our society, or simply making everyone’s life happier.


A team discussing the latest peer reviewed science on happiness, community connection, well-being an*d peace. Your mission here is to keep our action founded upon the best of current human knowledge by: - Discussing how new research relates to and should shape our mission - Guiding new ideas for projects and activities created by our community members to ensure they can achieve effective societal change - Linking relevant papers to both new and existing projects to make transparent what positive change each aims to achieve - When necessary discuss retiring activities and projects, if new research suggests they are not effective at achieving the societal changes intended*

Social Media

Join the team telling the world about how they can make their society friendlier, happier and safer through Positive Action - because a friendly and connected community helps all social issues, from protecting against xenophobia and extremism, to helping the most vulnerable in our society, or simply making everyone’s life happier. Our social media accounts are often looking for enthusiastic new managers to join their team.

Recruitment and HR

Our community is fuelled by positive energy coming in and taking action. This is the foundations of everything we do, join in bringing in the amazing people who will build our community into a shining beacon of happiness for humanity


Join the team that keeps everything running smoothly. Organising issues and files, checking up that everything is tidy and fabulous looking. Preparing the base camp and tools and making all other teams work more efficient and effective. The Global Happiness Movement begins here!

Web Dev

Build the foundations of our Movement. All the great work the community does is only possible becau*se of what this team has built. Join in and create/improve the platform that builds all of these projects. All languages are welcome. We mostly build in Reactjs, Meteor, Ruby on Rails and Javascript.*

Graphic Design

Be part of Mass Media Movement, spreading the Word of our community and their good deeds, reaching o*ut with creative campaigns to find people in need of a positive social action community like Focallocal their lives Any (positive) scheme that you can think of; Postering + leafleting campaigns, guerrilla marketing, contacting global and local media about upcoming events and projects. social media campaigns, exhibitions, graphic designs, viral videos, PR managers, just get creative with your skills to bring our hope-filled message to the World the Focallocal colour: - f57c00*

UX and User Flow

Design the foundations of our Movement. All the great work the community does is only possible becau*se of what this team has built. Join in and create/improve the platform that builds all of these projects.*

UI and Design

Design the foundations of our Movement. All the great work the community does is only possible becau*se of what this team has built. Join in and create/improve the platform that builds all of these projects.*

Copy Writing

Join the team telling the world about how they can make their society friendlier, happier and safer through Positive Action - because a friendly and connected community helps all social issues, from protecting against xenophobia and extremism, to helping the most vulnerable in our society, or simply making everyone’s life happier.

Global Events made possible by Public Happiness Movement

Give a Bubble Day

It is difficult to promote the idea that everyone is coming to offer bubbles to the public, and most people just arrive expecting a big bubble blowing flash mob. The easiest way i found to spread our message of creating more connected communities and promoting peaceful and fun activities as the norm within society, is by forming teams of 10-30 people on the day, once everyone is already bubbling, and then challenging them to go and get 10 people each who are passing by to blow some bubbles. That is pretty simple to set up, and achieves our social aim within the Bubble flash mobs.

World’s Biggest Eye Contact Gathering 2019: London

We’ll be joining over 300 cities, towns and villages around the World in increasing the community, a*nd human connection Let’s share a minutes eye contact with strangers in public to rebuild our sense of shared humanity in cities all over the world! Last year we involved over 100,000 people from over 156 different cities*

Inspire My City Worldwide

Once a year secret teams in Cities across the World take to the streets, armed with chalks and posit*ivity (alone, with a few friends, or with a highly trained team of undercover chalkers!) to fill the lives of people in your city with kind, happy and encouraging words to inspire everyone face life’s challenges with extra energy from our words of inspiration and encouragement!*

Take a Smile Day

Every year we ask as many people around the World as we can reach, to join us in inviting people to ‘take a smile’, a simple gift of creative little hand drawn smiley faces. We give smiles simply because for those who receive them its nice to know that someone has given a little time and effort for no other reason than to add a little happiness to their day.

Queue Pimping

Waiting in Queues sucks …until now! We take a group of people from the queue and give them our Posi*tive Public Action activities to transform it into the most fun queue in the World, sending crowds in already filled with positivity and smiles Some roles will be paid once this project is developed, so join in for the awesome fun and to support Focallocal, and maybe you will end up building yourself the best job in the world, ever! Travlling to Festivals and Gigs as minor happiness celebrities*

Eco-Hacking Balloon Release World Record

An ambitious project to plant 10 million native trees around the world, whilst also spreading awaren*ess of the damage caused by balloons (yes, especially the mythical ‘bio-degradable balloons’), and creating a new company which produces balloons made from bio-polymers which benefit the environment, or don’t harm it, when released. The proposed World Record would see 10 million balloons released across every nation in the world, each would be a bio-polymer, and have seeds and fertiliser for native plants and trees which are identified as the most beneficial for each region*

International Pillow Fight Day

A global gathering of happy people to laugh and do fluffy feather battle. Bring costumes, don’t hit people with cameras, and tell anyone who is hitting too hard (but also expect to be hit in the face… it’s a pillow fight). DONT BRING FEATHER PILLOWS. Google vids on them if you need convincing, they are not cool.

Dinosaur Bubble-Gun Street Dance Party World Record

Its like the most epic words in the dictionary just had a baby! Find 300 people or more and create an Street Dance Party that will be talked about for generations, with the hottest dance tracks, portable speakers, costumes, performers, and the coolest bubble-guns you’ve ever, ever seen. Note: the groovy bubble guns take 2 months to manufacture and deliver.


  • provide a gallery view that gives a quick description of various projects or events that the public happiness movement has been a part of
  • the cards are not yet clear because they include different types of destinations
    - skill-based teams (UX designers)
    - general projects like the brighter tomorrow map

browse (19 cards on page)


Welcome to the Public Happiness Movement!

Here you’ll find Public Happiness Activities to use making a positive change to society and culture _where you live. All have been discussed, tested and approved by experienced members of our community to meet our Community Values. You can use these as tools to make your local community a friendlier, safer, and happier place to live

Activities descriptions

- Photos and Videos

- ‘How to’ guides and tips

- Articles

- Posters and Cover Photos

- Peer reviewed studies supporting the impact of each activity_

fun/low cost ideas

Pillow Fight 4 Connection

Take a pile of pillows to a public space, and invite people to play with each other

Musical Connection (and Transport Jam)

Inviting unsuspecting people in a public place to play music and explore their creativity together

Free Hugs

A good hug can change someone’s whole day, lets offer everyone a little lift


It a HUGE crowd funded slide! Everyone can use it over and over again …if they dare

Busker Dance Party

Turning your world into a more playful place with a little cheeky action. bring out the child in oth*ers with creatively placed eyes*

Eye Contact for Human Connection

A gathering to invite people passing by to share a minutes eye contact and together to explore human connection and understanding.

Connecting Canvas

A big sheet of paper + some pens. It’s so easy to connect people and meet positive folk.

Pick ME Up Poetry

Activity description needs to be written by Andy… me! including individual and asking friends for qualities they admire about each other and also linked to this article:

Eye Bombing

Turning your world into a more playful place with a little cheeky action. bring out the child in oth*ers with creatively placed eyes*

Take a Smile

Giving out smiles is such a simple way to brighten a day!

Give a Bubble

Invite people in public places to blow some bubbles together

Guerrilla Urban Beautification

Mobilise to beautify the neighbourhood. Cleaning, Seed Bombing, Guerilla Gardens, Its your community and everyone in the community has a right to make where they live a more pleasant space. Many studies have linked a pleasant surrounding with well-being, crime, educational attainment, and many more. We need more nature in our urban worlds

Gifting Flowers

Giving flowers out in public, because flowers brighten days. Also a great way to break down gender taboo’s, why cant guys give each other flowers (without romantic involvement)?

seemingly more formalized ways of taking action

Open Skills Sharing

People coming together to share what they know, its like buying really cool things …but free! A welc*oming space to reduce loneliness and increase community connection*

Public Happiness Action Meetings

Set up regular meetings for all those who want to make where they live a happier place to meet each _other and plan activities and projects

Tips: Give attendees stickers to write what they want to do, for example, ‘make a free hugs gathering’, ‘reduce homelessness’, ‘design posters’, ‘not sure’, ‘everything’_

Public Positivity Facilitator

You become a board with the power to facilitate positive friendly interaction in public. Overcome th*e barriers between people in public and friendly conversation by showing them how*

Inspire MY City

The right words reaching someone at the right time have the power to change lives

I’ve got a message for YOU!

Sometimes we just need a positive, uplifting or kind message from a friendly face to turn our day ar*ound*


not your ordinary/ not your momma’s activism

no fund-raising or charity. low-to-no budget method, grassroots, scrappy, in the weeds style of taking action for change

Community Forum

it’s flexible, sectional, and based purely on who has put more energy into the community

it presents the ‘official version’ created by the communities leaders. then has discussion and new ideas as a backdrop. the users should be the communities leaders

i don’t want to present a traditional hierarchical organisation structure to users. they should be empowered to feel the site is theirs

attributes of the community forum

  • collaboration with others (threads, chats, groups)
  • view documentation
  • vote on ideas for new projects
  • get answers
  • possibly will include the map as a plugin
    - calendar function for events?
  • kanban feature for sprints
  • focus on open source, social and transparency

Card Sort

cards from current action center (housed under build)

cards from current activites (housed under browse)

the map shouldn’t take up this much importance on the site, the whole view should not be the map when clicking gather, it makes it seem like the map is all that matters

I disagree with this strongly.

The map shows users their local community and who is in it. It’s a cornerstone of our build designed to make them feel connected to the movement directly where they live. It is important that users profile pics are in the thumbnails so they can see who is active nearby.

Building a calendar view we did have and need to rebuild. I think that should be in their profile page so they have a feed of what’s coming up within a distance they’ve chosen.


Once we put international ones up there will be, at the very least in your country if you are very remote

When the entire webpage is focused on just the map, this is what happens:

I see no one is in my local community, I shrug my shoulders, and ditch this website entirely.

How might we design a way to still show users not close to a map posting that this platform still has something to offer? Because it’s not a default to zoom the map out to the whole globe. It’s not immediately obvious to me what a post even would look like, much less the even more hidden fact that it’s the location for social interaction related to a map posting

this is kinda ridiculous though, it’s still of 0 value to me if I have to buy a plane ticket to participate

We want users to post themselves on the map, and create gatherings. So two of the three main functions are available even with no one there

  • You can post yourself there to show others you are part of the movement, and tell them what you want to be contacted for
  • You can create an activity

There should be something to encourage and support users who don’t arrive to happy faces and people doing amazing, kind hearted things. We can plan to mitigate disappointment at arriving to an empty screen, but throwing away all the Devs work for three years isn’t an option.
Here’s some mitigation ideas:

  • if there’s no posts, zoom a users view out so they arrive feeling like a representative of their region among a global community
  • set up a welcome committee team, for users to reach out to new users. This is tricky as users would have to post themselves on the map 1st. Most users will be coming from traditional social media because they’ve been invited to an event, so they will be going directly to the platform.
  • add a welcome message to direct them towards what we want them to feel. For example, new users a long way from anyone: Welcome, we’re glad to have someone joining our global community and representing x


  • we need to avoid the word ‘event’.
  • is more accurate to say they are a part of…

It wasn’t my suggestion to throw it away just have it take up less space on the page so there can be a calendar or a feed of other events social activity. You can’t ask users for that level of commitment/favors without offering them something in return. I mean you can but you’re not going to be doing yourself any favors. All I’m saying is that maps should be taking the entire real estate of a page dedicated to gathering locally

Avoiding the word event is just creating a clusterF of confusion.

Can we just fundraise for a full time lawyer so we can speak clearly and freely like adults…?

Or just agree to call it a different ambiguous word only if people start cracking down at the actual events?

They do, almost immediately. That’s what I’ve been doing for the past 8 years all around Europe.

It’s a single word, I’m sure we can work around it.

Meetup don’t have events. They have Meets. It didn’t seem to harm understanding of what’s happening on their platform

It’s literally speaking in code, it’s not a good idea. Look at how poorly the “gather” idea has been received.

It’s important to the project, you need to design around it.

I suggested ‘local’ and ‘global’ on the other thread. For example, then we can have a ‘post’ button which opens up into ‘post a gathering’. We’re telling users what they are doing so there’s no room for confusion

Can we actually revisit or dig deeper into this whole ”no event” thing? Because now I’m realizing just how confused I am because I’ve literally hosted my own events on Facebook before and I know people just create meetup groups on a whim and I’ve never heard of or experienced personally any issue with a crack down by authorities. What exactly is illegal about it? I have no idea what the requirements are to satisfy “right to call this an event” and I’m wondering if it’s an EU thing

The EU is a very big market. In the thousand or so or created, we often get approached by the police asking who gave us permission to hold an event there.

Its everyone’s human right to gather with those around them and do something positive to improve life where they live.

Police live in a world of rules and order. They don’t like things they haven’t seen before. It was even in the uk news a few years back that they wanted a law to make it illegal for more than 6 people to gather in a public space or park.

Then people pointed out kids playing soccer would be illegal. So the proposal changed to 22. Then someone said rugby would now be illegal, and the law was dropped as unworkable.

We need to set things up right to help users, so no. We can’t use the word event, I’m sure you’ll find a way around it. I’ll add why in our FAQs as we’ll want a good number of users who know why and can guide others.

The social section is built around and into the map. Its a cornerstone of our design and has been for the entire build. the people and positive activities in a users local community needs to be the 1st thing they see when they want to engage locally. We need mitigation strategies for when a community isn’t active yet to keep new users enthusiastic.

We can design functions to enhance that connected nature into and around the map.

One other question how were you able to use Facebook for gathering before the platform? Like facebook has its own design (buttons that say event) but how it’s users choose to use the tool itself is up to them. Did you guys just label your events differently? I suppose I could log into Facebook to check but dear god it’s a cancerous wasteland looking at my notifications I get distracted quickly haha

FB is horrible. It inspired our build.

We had no choice but to use their language, but i had to advise people in our slideshow guides that they would often be asked if they had permission from the council, and it was important to avoid the word event. it doesn’t really describe what we’re doing anyway. see my other post


So I want to design what will make this project succeed: I think this is why nick pushed so hard for that document you put together. A big thing in design thinking is asking “why” 5 times to get to a root cause and being able to elegantly solve a problem without wasting resources or energy working on the wrong thing. My point is, “the people and positive activities in a users local community needs to be the 1st thing they see when they want to engage locally” that is a design constraint, not the map. I think you’re really limiting some creative solutions because it doesn’t actually sound like you’re open to changing the page layout that contains the map. I am in no way shape or form suggesting trashing the map, I’m just trying to come up with ways to carry out that vision I’ve quoted above for you. That’s the whole point of having a UX or Design team, right? To come up with and implement solutions that you haven’t already thought up? If not, there’s no value to add.