Review proposed design for the new Action Center

Here’s an example of a similar system:

@danyalamriben @NJUX

I put together a quick draft of a new and technically very achievable Action Center to get the gears moving on its redesign. I wanted to complete the User Story but i’m not going to have an opportunity for a few days now so i thought i’d put this up here. Danny its inspired by that council corporate funding discourse project you found, just taking their idea further. Would you mind posting a link here so we have a visual representation to go along with the plan please.;mockups#G1YcUdyjlRZPetNATRLkO-kNSIGtZ3KqAO

Apparantly that link is difficult to open so here’s a .gif version

btw, i’m not sure if you can edit that or not, but please post your comments here as the software is frustratingly twitchy and easy to break.

@MarinaOhNo, @tmcnulty and @ArtyS you might be interested in joining the discussion too :slight_smile:

I cant event look at the file. Change settings please

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Thanks @MarinaOhNo Here’s a link you can view:

Thank you @AndyatFocallocal for amazing work you’ve done.

Logically it looks good. If we give it to our UX&UI designers team to make it look fantastic simple, modern, intuitive. I believe it should be success.

Few questions:

  1. Where is the Action center: tools ( files, promo videos) - Old and New user will see that? What do you mean by files? and why did you decide to put it there?

2.Old/New user will see “Personal” - is it his user cabinet ?

3.“Recent success stories” - should be picture of people who created the project? Or the video sign when you press on it - the short 1 min video of their project appears.

  1. Change metrics are cool - our designers will make it “sexy” data. Which is fun and interactive on the web.

  2. Public Happiness Projects - “Art, music, poetry” - it’s more as a tool to solve local/global problems regarding Environment, Human connection, etc. I guess it shouldn’t be there, because you put it on a line with problems we want to solve.

6.“World biggest eye contact” - where is the people signs - is gonna be small icons of faces who participated?

  1. Below the stats, the screenshot of the forum - do you want that there is live chat plug-in on a page that people see the part of community discussion?

8.Component 1-6, will be part of the project puzzles which needs to be done like: partnership, marketing, legal, team?

Suppperrr, excited to see how our design team can transform it to magic beauty :slight_smile:

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Thank you Marina :slight_smile:

  1. Each Team or Project might want to use speicalised tools, or have files like wireframes, posters, slideshows, intro vids, etc, which will improve their ability to work effectively. The files you mentioned are in our Google Drive, but they might choose to link files from anyone’s Dropbox, Drive, or a public resource instead. The purpose is to give teams a space to put a few resources and tools.

  2. Sorry, i need to create the wireframe for that route. Personal is your own growth and development, so happiness and well-being courses and challenges.

  3. Recent success stories are when a team meets a milestone they want to share. We’ll advise them to include an image related to their milestone if possible to keep that page visually appealing. I could turn this post into a Recent Successstory by adding #victorydance

  4. :slightly_smiling_face:

  5. These are all categories which specific issues will be grouped into.

  6. That’s to show users how many people are active in each team/project.

  7. Yes, we have that now. You can see when other members of the team are online.

  8. Yes :slight_smile:

@ArtyS can i get your view on this, especially the example site in the 1st post please. the basic idea is that we switch to tag-pages enabling mulit-layers and teams/projects to spin off. I think we can create a far more useful site using this method - for example,

  • Cross team collaboration: Tasks can be assigned to more than one team when they require collaboration, or when they can be completed by either team, simply by adding both tags.

  • Multi-levels: The kanban boards can give levelled views for project coordination, to as many levels as desired. In our use-case we have: Wev Dev at the top level then Reactjs, Ruby on Rails, Wordpress, HTML, Sys Admin, etc.
    Now all teams can see what each other are doing in the top level kanban by adding that tag, and teams can also spin off, whilst still being part of their main group. For example: Ruby on Rails > Kanban Plugin.

actually @tmcnulty you enjoy systems thinking. what do you think?

I really like how it’s structured.

some general comments/questions looking through the diagram:

  1. is the project information going to be independently generated and stored (via a form, like events), with docus links back to the forum?

  2. personally I would prefer to keep separate the introductory information (Briony’s story, the more visual/interactive where/what/why information such as the cards) from the more detailed tracking information (the additional stats and tables). So perhaps keeping the project cards with some high level labels (basic stats that would attract her attention) as the default entry point, with a separate option/button/link to show the more granular data (which would also be available by default when navigating deeper into the project sub-categories)? I guess I’m worried about intimidating a newcomer with stats that they may not understand. depends on what stats you will show I suppose.

  3. if I understand correctly, people can filter the projects by entering tags into the search bar? This would definitely be a great feature yeah, so there isn’t too much clicking and navigating to do before you find relevant projects.

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  1. via a form, yes. probably a Discourse native form so it can create a thread. Essentially we’d just be adding headers and guiding users to use the correct tags.

  2. There are two things i tried to create with the stats.

  • Other sites use stats as an effective way to show users there is an active community they can be a part of. A new graphic designer for example, wants to see there is activity there to be a part of, which is something we are failing with right now so only the coolest people actually get involved and get behind the vision. We can also gamify, by showing users that other towns nearby are more active in tackling issues and creating well-being. I’m sure that will encourage more users to engage and be more active.
  • At individual project levels stats will be essential for project tracking, as they are in the model we are adapting, Scrum. Also, telling users which projects need support to be delivered on schedule means we will have a strong system that delivers when planned. We can reinforce that further by giving a bonus of extra tokens to all who joined in as an incentive to complete a project on time, and thank those who jump in to give a push when needed.

I agree that more detailed stats should require a click to view. So it’s 1) an overview of activity levels for new users. 2) comparing regions and teams (Rails vs Reactjs) to gamify the platform and help identify where to focus advertising to build the community. 3) Burndown or Burnup charts to help projects and the wider community see how each project is progressing, and where extra support is most needed.

  1. Yes. The suggested design also creates a suggested search/navigation pattern for new users by adding a menu which searches that tag when clicked. Mostly new users will need this as many won’t know what they are searching for yet. Guiding them to teams, projects, or challenges for growing their own personal well-being and happiness, is a good way to explain the site to them.

(i switched your comment to use numbers so it was easier to reply)

@aeglobal i just added a .gif version to the top comment. thanks for letting me know it didn’t open correctly

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@AndyatFocallocal thank you.

I’ve installed a header search bar, although its currently deactivated as it interferes with the sites main homepage. This would be the central search bar we design navigation around in the Build section