Why not to take examples of existing solutions, improve them and build a better version for our platform?

What about improving existing solutions out there and build a better one for our platform?

Guys, let’s share here what are your favourite solutions out there, they’re not perfect but we can take some core ideas already from them, improve and build it for our platform:


  1. https://basecamp.com/how-it-works ( cool short video how to use it)
  2. asana.com
  3. trello.com
  4. jira.com
  5. slack.com
  6. https://discordapp.com
  7. https://monday.com
  8. https://www.notion.so
  9. https://goodup.com/product-features/
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that’s what we’ve been doing up till now, so the question being asked here is:

what specific things do these platforms do better than ours, and how can we implement, improve, or equal them on our platform.

These are all project management related, we are referring to the new plan laid out in this post: Review proposed design for the new Action Center