New Logo for The Public Happiness Movement

The current logo is from Focallocal, our volunteer community who built this platform.

We now want to be able to invite similar non-profits creating societal good through localised action, to join and combine our energy and ideas on this platform.

Calling it Focallocal looks like we are inviting them to join our platform. We want to present this site as a shared endevour and a tool to enhance all of our missions collectively. This led to a rebrand to The Public Happiness Movement, with Focallocal becoming one of the communities using on this platform to create positive change in the world.

We now need a logo for The Public Happiness Movement

We were thinking about a design like this:

We’d use it for the Happier World Economies Summit, and perhaps for the Public Happiness Movement itself.

The idea we discussed was:

----(heart globe)
Happier ^ World Economies Summit

within the heart would be the words ‘People, Places, Planet’

We didn’t discuss a new logo for The Public Happiness Movement or the Public Happiness Token yet, but i suggest they are all the same base design, with small customisations.

Hey Andy,
I’m a graphic designer and I’d like to help with this. What do you think about not adding the words “People, Places, Planet” to the heart? I don’t think that people seeing that would really get much out of it, and it would make the design look cluttered. If you want the heart globe to be big, like poster sized, we could put the words “Happier World Economies Summit” inside. The heart globe could make for a unique and fitting logo. Were you thinking of having it be 3D looking, or flat like a map? Tell me as many details you can so I can work on this for you.

  • 3D sounds amazing.
  • Sometimes it’ll be big, sometimes small. Perhaps alternate versions (inside and underneath the heart) would be good.
  • People, Places and Planet was going to be key to our rebrand, as ‘’ is a bit bland. so i was going to spell happy with three P’s. Perhaps that could be underneath the main text as a subheading?
  • do you want it 3d like beveled or 3d like very rounded like an actual globe?
  • that makes sense
  • do you think it’s really a beneficial thing to include in your rebranding? when i read it i don’t get anything out of it. i think it’s kind of cheesy when companies have slogans. they don’t really add anything beneficial in my opinion. if you still want it i’ll add it of course, but be sure you know why you want it.

what colors do you want? do you want a very detailed globe, or simplified? any font preferences?

I think rounded, in a heart shape and in gold, like the one in the image.

Ok, leave out the people, places and planet aspect

rounded as much as in the image above, or more rounded? what color do you want the ocean and land to be? gold land i assume.
do you want a very detailed globe, or simplified?

I think the one in the picture is good, although the gold could pop a little more from the ocean, so if you can edit the colours to increase the contrast between them.

I’d say fairly detailed, but that depends weekday looks best. You’ll be reshaping the world into a heart so maybe that won’t look great if it’s too detailed. you can play around and seeb what works best.

Yes, gold land please

I’ve been asking on forums how to do this, but haven’t had a reply yet. I just asked on a different forum so hopefully I can get help soon.

In the picture you gave the “globe” is almost flat and the curve mostly comes from shading and lighting effects. Is that what you want, or do you want the land more curved and 3D looking? Do you want shading and lighting effects like in the sample image?

i think the sample image looks great, but if you think the alternative would look better you’re welcome to give it a try :slight_smile:

I’d highly recommend a logo with a simpler style that works well in solid color. See example below. I’ve also read considerations to change the website name?

Earth Heart Logo

I see where you’re coming from @Eleanor, and thanks for contributing. Our requirement is something eye catching and instantly recognisable, which will be used more often as a banner, but can also be added as a smaller logo.

Most people seeing it for the 1st time will be seeing it in banner form. Small and simple company logo’s are not going to stand out at the World Economic Forum at all, making them fairly pointless. It needs to be big, bold and deliver the message that something kinder with more heart is happening.

…I agreed with @isaiahgirard’s observation that seemed a bit cheesy. would be ideal, but unfortunately we’ve been using that hashtag for a while now, so the domain has been well and truly squatted. Unless someone has a spark of inspiration, i’m thinking we should just stick with what we have.

Sure, I’d just consider scalability of the mark. The Extinction Rebellion logo fulfills all of your requirements, as does the peace symbol, yet they remain simple, solid color, easy to reproduce, and scaleable. Just a consideration.

we could have different versions of their logo. one 3D for big banners and one 2D when it’s more practical.

if you want i can make a very detailed globe shaped like a heart, but i most likely could not make the land gold. want me to make that, or make a less detailed globe with gold land? we could also have a different more 2 dimensional version with gold land, and one version realistic and 3d. what do you think?


less detailed and gold please. i think the 3d version if done well will really stand out even when small, specifically because it is different, 3d and using bright vibrant colours combined with gold.

one of the use cases will be an app icon. i don’t have any app icons on my phone which recreate a 3d effect

@isaiahgirard any progress?

Sorry it’s been so long. I recently started a full time job, and to make this logo I had to learn a program I never used before XD
Let me know if this is headed in the right direction. Either way, let me know what changes you’d like.

Also, can you email me messages instead of replying here? I didn’t get your last message for so long because I don’t check this website and I thought I’d get notified of messages by email.


@isaiahgirard That looks great Isiah! its already very close to what i was hoping for. As it’s a logo which needs to grab attention we need those colours tweaked to be much more vibrant, so a brilliant blue, and gold for the land. Lots of contrast between them and with the background so even at a glance in a thumbnail, its highly recognisable as our logo for anyone that’s seen it before.

I like the country lines. It would be good to keep them as shading/reflection on the golden colour if that works. if not they aren’t essential. The gold should have shadows and reflections of light so it’s not a single unbroken colour.

Text underneath:

  • Public Happiness Movement
  • Public Happiness Token
  • Happier World Economies Summit

you should be getting email notifications. check your spam folder, they must be getting sent there. there is a limit to how large our community can grow if i’m communicating with everyone directly, and as we reach 40-50 active members it pretty much takes over my life, just supporting or replying to people. On this platform the community can support itself and scale, with me just being a part of the conversation. To get where we need to be to create positive change at a global scale, conversations need to be on this site. There are improvements coming up soon and an app in the next week or two which should make things easier. I know it’s not perfect yet.



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