Text: a New Homepage for non-logged in users

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  • We need to engage users, and existing non-profit communities with similar values
  • We need to divide users between those who want to meet positive people nearby and have fun creating change, and those who want to join an online community and together build projects to benefit people, communities and the planet. Then direct new visitors down one path.


An example i wrote… but don’t like:

Anyone benefiting society should be rewarded fairly.

The Public Happiness Movement is a global solution to empower every human-being to come together and take positive action on ant, and all societal issues.

The eco-system is founded on The Public Happiness Token, a new economy which rewards people for their efforts, because anyone benefitting a community should be rewarded fairly.

Charities and volunteering are simply covering the cracks created by an unfair economic system. They are a part of this system, and very few have any idea how to solve the issue they target… other than ‘give us more money’.

Our token creates a systemic change at an economic level. Incentivising everyone around the world for coming together to create, and then implement solutions locally which benefit local people, their community, and our planet - creating a world where taking action to create positive change a regular part of life, and our economies.

You can read more here: https://publichappinessmovement.com/docuss/whitepaper

Ok, i’ve had a go at a new homepage. Its very much just a quick draft, mostly because new members were arriving and getting confused. Now we have a rough page we can point to.

Thoughts, suggestions and improvements?

@MarinaOhNo you wanted to see and share this.


I would suggest you change these 2 videos to 2 new ones: Local and Global actions.

Oh, I thought they were. I’ll change them now