Create React and iOS apps from the Discourse stock app

Here’s the app to modify:

Here it is in the play store:

We’d love an android and iOS version of 2 near identical apps.

  1. When a user logs in it asks them to enter the URL of a discourse forum. We want to skip that step and go direct to our forum at:
  2. Please remove/hide the browser bar
  3. Please add this image as the new image for the app on a mobile phone. Or this one if that’s too small
  4. repeat but the with the app loading https:// for a project helping local people to better support people who are homeless nearby, which our community built using similar code.

That creates a fully functional app which takes us forwards a huge leap. Its so easy to create because we built our website into discourse using it as our platform’s backend. Users see our website, but the app just see’s a forum and everything is hooked up

the app is in React native. Does that sound like a fun React job you’d like to have a go at?

@ZaraAlyssa i’ve posted up the message i just sent you as a task in the Reactjs Team. Have a look and if its one you think you can handle just change the tag from ‘backlog’ to ‘doing’ (or drag it into the doing column in the tasks tab in this category, which achieves the same)

user api screenshots:

@paul-phm @bob i’m sorry, i didn’t actually connect you with @tmcnulty. That’s my bad, i thought you guys had an open communication channel on here, but i was mistaken

Hey guys does this token or whatever this is have to go exactly at webroot/.well-known/assetlinks.json?
Short of it is this. We run a meteor app that doesn’t make it easy to host foreign or external content.
Some reading in this post.

If this can’t change we’ll require a proxy server that can intercept traffic and provide this request.


Yeah, it just requires pups logic to insert stuff into the nginx conf.

I’ll try adding some logic to the web templates. I can also probably hijack it to place the assetlinks file as well.


@paul-phm how’s it look?

Screenshots of app here:

There’s a logout confirmation button too since I figured it was way too easy to accidentally log out.

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@bob that looks great!

The login/sign up page is still using Discourses system, right? Just checking as we use it as an SEO provider for other areas of the site so users only have to log in once

The log out button looks like a great call

Yeah it uses the Discourse API to login, but what other areas of the site are there that uses the Discourse login? I’ll test it out and let you know.

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The maps are a separate build embedded in an iframe. If you click ‘gather’ you for be able to post something without logging in.

The same goes for ‘News’, although I think that SSO sync is broken and on the list to be repaired, so I wouldn’t worry about that one

I just tested the map and was able to add an event so it looks like the SSO is working. However there’s a bug on the map that can make it unusable unless you refresh.

Open up the form by clicking ‘Gather’, click next, then ‘Clear all fields’ and the whole map container disappears.


Good spot @bob would you copy/paste that into a new post and add these tags

‘bug, backlog, Reactjs’ so it can be picked up. Perhaps @zdbrenda might like to have a go as their 1st React task

Sure I’ll do that soon. BTW are you able to install plugins for discourse? I didnt know there was a plugins topic on the forum. I sent Tom a message yesterday but I don’t know how long it’ll take to get the plugin installed so if you could do it instead it might be better.

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I can do theme components, which seems to be direction plugins are going. I don’t do command line installs though, it’s better that I don’t mess with the server on a live install as I’m not competent enough with servers

Which plugin do you need @bob and what does it do?

It’s a plugin that allows the Discourse server to send notification data to OneSignal, which is a push notification service. Every time a notification is generated by Discourse, it will send the data to OneSignal which will then send a push notification to the device. The plugin was made for the single site Discourse app I found before but I added custom text for each type of notification. This is the original plugin -

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that’s cool. we should launch that to the Discourse community so others will support, improve and enjoy it :slight_smile:

(plz mention Public Happiness Movement as we’re building good will and support over there. i’m hoping some will join us in building the new theme for this forum)

@bob could you please add this text into the sign up page you made:

The Public Happiness Movement
to bring more kindness, peace and well-being to the world

That’s a good idea but the plugin was already available to everyone before and its only useful if you’re making an app.

Do you mean adding the text to the login page? Because I find adding it to the sign up page doesn’t add much value to it and it looks out of place. The text seems more like a slogan that belongs on the first screen the user sees which is the login.

If you have a logo on the login page that says PHM already, the text underneath could just be “Bringing kindness, peace and well-being to the world”.

I just had an idea that maybe the title of the sign up page could be “Join The Movement”.