Create React and iOS apps from the Discourse stock app

When you say “link someone to a chat”, do you mean getting the URL of the topic and sending it to someone outside of PHM?

Also, what links are you opening? It looks like it does open either from the bottom or wherever you last were on the page if you had been there before.


Any links I open. I have to scroll from the 1st post to the last, which really doesn’t take long but is worth changing. I know the URL changes dynamically in discourse so I think I need to map exactly what’s happening as I should be arriving at where the link was copied from

I just remembered that there’s a share button already at the bottom of each post. Have you tried using that to get the URL?

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Great spot. So we just need to bring it out to make it more prodominiant

@bob I worked out what i mentioned yesterday. its the notifications in the app. if you click one it takes you to the top of the thread rather than to the comment itself

Regarding the iOS app, I’ll be able to work on it but it will take some time because I’m waiting on an iPhone and also need to learn iOS dev.


@AndyatFocallocal Andy, do you think the app name could be shortened or even have another name? Reason is on iOS the name “Public Happiness Movement” is so long it gets truncated and spaces are removed when its on the home screen so it becomes something like “PublicHappine…”. Ideally it should be max 12 chars.

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Hmm. Maybe P.Happiness. that has obvious connotations with pee happy though.

P.Hap - probably the same

What about just Happy, Happiness, Happier? Are any of those free?

@UXers what do you think?

I believe it can be anything because its the name on the device and not the full app name thats displayed on the App store.
Obviously it should be something similar to the original name so it makes sense.
What do you think of PH Movement?
It just fits and still looks like the original name.

Sounds a bit like a skin care commercial :confused::joy:

What about Be Happiness?

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Haha fair enough.
I was just thinking that everything could be renamed the Be Happy Movement just for the app title but that’s too much work.
Be Happiness looks ok.
How about abbreviate movement?
Happy Mvmt, Movt, Mvt, Movmt
Be Happy Mvt

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I think we should do a little research. I wonder if there are guides to help more people find it.

Like Focallocal was a cool name… But no one knew what it was or was excited when they heard it


Be Happier Mvmt is my preference from your suggestions

@bob can you upload the code for this into our GitHub, if you’re ok with us opensourcing the code to turn run this as an app… if the code base is suited to an opensource project

Yes, I like Be Happiness! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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@bob. From the app I’m unable to copy the URLs so I can share. The work around is to click the email item and copy paste the URL from there. It’s not ideal though.

@aeglobal this is the thread to send the message to Bob you wanted to send about the screenshots

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I’m able to copy the URL from the text box without any problems by tapping on the URL when it’s highlighted. Did you tap on the URL or tap and hold to see if the copy/paste menu pops up? The app has no control over the copy/paste function.

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Strange. It’s disabled on my Xiaomi Android using Chrome. The copy dialogue just doesn’t pop up

Maybe the keyboard is interfering with it? Its there as it thinks it’s a text entry box, but I can’t close it without closing the popup