Bug: If users click enter when the form hasn't recognised the address correctly, then they are unable to change the address

Behavior observed in Brighter Tomorrow Map (fl-sleeper branch) and Gather side of the platform. It should be present in both branches.

If users enter the address incorrectly - and the form isn’t very robust. it often fails to recognise and address without informing users - then users carry on and try to submit the form, they then correctly receive an error message.

the address entry box doesn’t reset, and no matter how much users try to add a new address, or close the form and reopen it, the address box will not search for the address and they will receive the error message again and again, with no understanding of why they can’t submit their form.

fix and improve.

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@zdbrenda would you like to try this Task if you haven’t already picked one?

Sure I’ll try out this one.

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@AndyatFocallocal Hi Andy, can you give me some data to test this? Sorry I have been with other stuff and couldn’t find time for the project.

Sure, just type in an address wrong so it’s not auto recognised and complete the form. It’ll fail asking you to change the address. Change it and try to submit the form and it won’t allow you

I think I just forgot to save the changes in mapType to “btm” in settings.json. Now everything seems to be working.

But I think if when I entered the location wrongly, there was still auto correction. I have done a few tests. It seems to be working. Can you please give me a good sample of “bad address” to further test?

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actually, i’m not able to recreate this. i think someone has solved it and not moved it into the ‘done’ column. sorry for the inconvenience

i did noticed that btm still has some fields hooked up incorrectly though. if you wanted to look into that it would be great.