Promo Vid and Pitch-deck for Summit and Token

This is the text for the intro video and pitch-deck. I believe they should set out the issue, and what the world will feel like for the viewer if they back the project and join in our vision and community. Then at the end we can guide them to choose either the Token, Summit, or Community Platform.

The World we want people to believe they can live in if they support us:

A world where people are empowered by an economic system which supports everyone in focusing their energy and time on positive activities to benefit their local community.

We want to present an image of what this world will look like, where any issue people care about they can find creative positive ideas from around the world, and others nearby who want to join them to create it to benefit society where they live. Also a world where their great ideas to benefit humanity are built by others around the world based on merit.

Key Challenge:

Presenting the flaw in the current GDP system is tricky as it’s deeply ingrained in people’s lives. They don’t stop the question the need for charities begging for money and volunteers, both inefficient and mostly failing to actually solve the issues they are focused on.

Underlying Theme:

The question we want to present to viewers is ‘why isn’t this behaviour rewarded by the economic system. What would the world look like if it was?’

Economic systems were created to reward anyone who benefits their society, but somewhere that got lost, and many actions are now left to the kind hearted to squeeze in around their daily life.


Because today’s standard economic system (GDP) has systemic issues. In most developed economies, inequality is soaring, homelessness is rising, and we are destroying our planet. To name a few.

The modern world is built on GDP based economic systems. This system places a lot of value on industry, tech, and banking. A little on health care, teaching, and similar industries. It completely ignores most humanitarian, ecological, and societal health issues. Leaving tasks essential for healthy and happy societies for kind hearted people who see things which need to be done to volunteer and fix them, or to start charities and beg for funding.

It’s not working. Very few charities or volunteer groups have a plan to resolve the issue they exist to support, they can’t as the issue is perpetuated by our economic system itself.

Why not use traditional social media:

Traditional social media gave humanity the tools to collaborate in ways never before possible, and for the best ideas to emerge from the crowd. It was one of the most empowering inventions in history. That power was gradually sold for profit, until we returned to a state where almost everything you see which goes viral is paid for content. We want to create that again, a space for people and groups who are taking action to benefit humanity in ways currently not rewarded by today’s economic system, and we will incentivise people and groups to make this something that can scale into it’s own economic sector. An economic sector for people taking action to bring more peace, and well-being to their community

Specifically what things:

  • Local and localised globally coordinated activities targeting issues like loneliness, isolation, public opportunities to explore art dance and music, community and human connection. Here’s a few examples:
  • A space to suggest effective and positive solutions to societal issues, focused on empowering communities, like;
  • how to support people who are homeless within the community better,
  • how to collectively improve the lives of stray animals and reduce their effect on the local community
  • a poetry project to improve the troubled (EBD) young people where local creatives support them in writing a poem describing a beautiful daily life experience, which volunteers take to a local hospice to remind those seeing out the last days of their lives of the beauty of life, and if possible to take back a small gesture of thanks.
  • A great idea for carbon absorbing communal gardens which local people can come together to alongside roads or on walls

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