[User logged in Homepage] MVP homepage for logged in users

Please set the new user logged in homepage to be


for example: Profile - AndyatFocallocal - Public Happiness

any user when logged in will be taken to that page.

We intend to build into and expand this page, for now this is a step forwards

@UXers we haven’t discussed this in detail yet. Do you agree that it would improve user experience by opening on this page?

We will greatly expand and improve this page on the future. For now it’s main purpose is to make the site more about the user in the quickest possible way.

We are now relying heavily on returning users clicking the top menu links, especially Global and Nearme as that is where they will engage with the platform most.

the buttons in the floating footer here would be:

Stats. Latest. Profile. Overview

obviously, the users profile and not mine.

we will prioritise building into this page and expanding it in the future