Reviewing new Global section before we begin the build

Ok. I’ll work on the font. Then, I’ll add it to the prototype.

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@Mateo and what do you think about this colours? :wink:

Hello there,

I’m kind of lost with all the information, do you think we could have a quick Skype call and we explain things? (we don’t even have to share screen or anything), or maybe a chat where we define everything. I’m very sorry to ask so much things so late in the project and for not being able to participate before :confused:

I feel like with started with UI design without doing research here. I would start creating some user journey maps and experience maps, then maybe a site map with all the sections (and maybe we should start by having some user persona, although I don’t use/like them a lot).

Then we could start wireframing and create some low-fidelity designs and only then decide on the colors :smiley:

I’m okay to work on all the research work, it will help us take decisions.


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Ok I’m reading more things in other threads, I have to update myself as there are a lot of documents :slight_smile:


Sure we can have a video call. A lot of the documentation is from people who started then dropped out, so it’s a good guide but not necessarily something we need to keep to.

The UX team mapped out a simple MVP design for the site (not including the maps) which the ruby on rails team are building now. It didn’t have much UI input at all so you are welcome to begin improving that plan.

There’s a mock up in the overview here: [Overview] New Forum Build

The map side hasn’t had any UI input for quite a while

I have a quick question. Did previous designers design what one of the pages would look like after a user were to select one of the four box options and check one of the check boxes on the home screen? I want to come up with a few tasks to see if potential users know where to look for information.

It would look the same pretty much. clicking one box navigates users to that tag page. Clicking the box (it’s a filled in box rather than a check box and the text next to it is a link), also navigates to a tag page.

The filled in boxes (that looks like a check box), are showing the most common tags associated with the
tag page users will visit if they click the outer box.

The main purpose of this is to give a simple and powerful insight into what that tag page is about, in addition to the description. It doubles as a quicker way for users to browse and explore.

The design is heavily pulled together by me combining the key points from our previous discussions and creating a minimal version of them, (as the team went quiet and we had an offer to build it).

Sorry for the long winded answer. Getting to the point, no. That hasn’t been tested and it would be great to test it and make it better before it’s completed.

The platform being built now is a skeleton frame of the key functions the UX team identified. It’s ready for the future community to improve and make beautiful :slightly_smiling_face::sunflower:

I came up with five tasks. I know a site that will be able to do the test, but I will also make it on another site in order to get more participants. #4 I’m still kind of working on it because it needs to be somewhat detailed. However, not where it will give any like big clues. I’ll be drawing out happy paths for each one.

  1. We updated local to ‘near me’ which seems more explanatory
  2. This sounds a bit vague. I’m not sure anyone will come to the site looking for ‘community building’. I recommend unpacking this a bit, what is it specifically they are looking for in your question?
  3. I suggest adding ‘projects being built targeting issues you care about’
  4. This one won’t be applicable in the new design as most common tags will be what they see on every page. Might be better to put specific tags and see where they’d go to find them. #London #environment #marketing
  1. Edited to ‘near me’
  2. I was just trying to add something related to the team page. I’ll change it to #media option. I’m currently writing the new one. The scenario would be that they are new to the site and want to find PR and video information. I changed all the possible options to the current menu options. I was basing it off the one that was in the prototype. I’ll make changes to that later.
  3. I have made the changes after your suggestion
  4. I added #marketing and #enviornment
  1. Ah, I see. Maybe ‘join the community building team’?
    1,3,4 :+1:

Ok. I fixed 2. I will add the media option as a 5th task.

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14 people have responded to my survey so far. I waiting on a few more responses from the other site. I’ll share the results after I get all the responses.

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Do you want to post it in our group page too? Not sure how many people will see it as the page has been quiet while we were building, but will be interesting to see.


The most active place right now is my puppies Instagram. I could also use that to introduce the site and to get more feedback

Six more people have answered the survey for the second website that I posted in. Only two more people will need to take it. I set the survey to 15 participants for the website. So, it will close once I get all 15. I have added the results from the first site. The second website’s results will come later.


that’s very cool well done :slight_smile: can you copy paste your comment and create documentation as those answers will be useful for others for quite a long time.
(create new post in the UX category (although categories are being dropped soon) and add theses tags to it: documentation, ux-design, webdev).

can you take the lead on directing any follow up discussion needed to turn the results into specific tasks for the @WebDevelopers team. you’ll probably get best results if you tag the @ReactMeteor @RubyonRails @UXers teams.


Ok. I’ll combine the results because I just got notified that the last two participants took the survey. I’ll post the updated results in the UX Team section.


Fantastic job @aeglobal :star_struck: :boom: :boom: :boom:


Thank you @MarinaOhNo

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