Third version of the forms created

To reach MVP for the COVID crisis, the React task remaining is to create a copy of our forms, and a link i can copy/paste (ideally using shortcode) to reach it.

The form can be found on this site by clicking ‘near me’ in the main menu, and then ‘gather’ (the code is the shared with so changes to github deploy to both.

The form has two modes right now.
Create a Public Happiness Activity
Put myself on the Map!
(text is different in brightertomorrowmap)

We need a third option. We had already planned to pull these options out an create two different forms rather than one combined one, so there is no need to integrate the solution into the existing form. Just create a new version/copy of this form which integrates into the same database, can be access via a link and doesn’t have the two options toggle.

Note: urls of the app are defined here
Which i can help explain with when we reach that point.


Is the intention of the new form to be linked to a new set of event categories? Or is there going to be a different way of “slicing” the data. The form is built around/tightly coupled with the database schema, so we need to confirm the schema before we can duplicate the form.

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Sorry Arty I missed this. The long term plan is to pull the form out into 3 (kind of)

The original form allows users to choose all categories and has the toggle for:

  • Kind offers from the Community
  • Existing resources
    We want to create a link which preselects one so we can put it into the welcome email when a user joins (so kind of making 2 forms while keeping it largely the same).

The other (for BTM) would be locked to:

  • [Backup form for Disaster relief] in this case ‘Community Support Covid-19’

Form 3 would open with a link so it can be dropped into the home page when needed and then removed and essentially be hidden when not.

Right now we only need Form 3, but I thought I’d share the bigger picture to help guide your decision making

Is the Backend already set up for the form? I could take a stab at this if it is (and it’s not already being taken care of)

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Welcome @poozipotti its great to have you here.

The backend of the form is there on the existing form now, although some edits will be needed to create the new version. We are using a form which hides certain options based on other options selected, so in my view the easiest solution might be to stick with one form and just create a third form which is locked to one category (which doesn’t exist but i can create pretty easily).

Then we’d need to create the ability to share a link or create a button which opens the form with one of the three options pre-selected. If others think switching to three separate forms makes more sense i’m not opposed to that idea at all.

Hello i can help with this,i would like know what the third option is because i didn’t finish understading it

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welcome @sergiodl, its great to have you here!

right now the form is designed for helping people who are homeless and has two options in the toggle bar

The toggle changes what fields are displayed.

We either want:

  • a third option for help me shop (covid19 response)
  • or breaking this up into three forms.

our UX (and UI) isn’t great yet, so we also want the ability to place buttons or direct urls which open the form/forms ready for each one of those options. (i’m going to hard code them directly into the homepage as a temporary measure just to so all visitors know how to post and what to post, while we make the standard navigation more intuitive.

@zofrex bob just pointed out that we are coding on the wrong branch now i think. Whats the correct workflow to get the changes pushed to BTM and PHM?

(posting here as well as it looks like we have some people coding both tasks now who’ll need to see the answer :wink:

Heya! Can you send me the settings.json file

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just sent via DM

Let me know if there’s anything i can do to help :slight_smile:

This task is holding everything up so i was thinking how we could strip it down and make it as simple as possible, then improve it once the platform is up and saving lives.

The simplest version would be to copy the current live form exactly as it is, creating a new i18n folder called form 2. Then to create a new button and/or link to open it.

For consistency there would be a new form and new i18n folder in PHM and BTM

The new form will have different categories in it, you can just append the current categories for example; Shelters2, Showers2.

I’ll then work with the new form and change the categories and text in a way that makes it work for the Covid crisis (and future disaster relief efforts). The form will be hidden to the user and only accessible if the link is posted onto the homepage.

As it’ll operate exactly the same as the existing form the code can be identical, which should make this task much easier to complete so we can launch the platform and begin saving lives by the weekend.

@raindecastro @sergiodl @poozipotti @ArtyS @Zahra @ReactMeteor team. Can any of you, or a few of you together, complete this task in the next day or two?

In both PHM and BTM folders the files linked to the form are ‘categories’ and ‘new-event-modal’

I was just testing the other part of this task which is creating a url link i can include in the homepage, as a short term fix while we solve the UX issues.

The gather button on the map calls this url to open a form: so the system is already built. If i enter this directly into the nav bar i hit an error, but i expect that clicking that url from the homepage will open the form the same as clicking the button in the map does, so it should already work as desired.