Update on our Covid19 community support tool

I’m tagging everyone who’s been online lately into this post to give an update on our efforts to create a tool to help save lives of many vulnerable people around the world, and to create a discussion to get people’s ideas and hopefully a few of us can work together on reaching launch this weekend.

We made absolutely excellent progress to begin with, and up until three weeks ago when the platform was almost complete. With only two tasks remaining progress stalled and I’ve had a lot of offers to finish these tasks, but no-one has completed them.

So we’re still standing on the very edge of realising our vision and hardwork.

The tasks are:

  1. Reactjs
    Copy the React form to create a 2nd form which we can add in a link in the homepage for this and all following global emergencies.

  2. Reactjs
    Install some code from @syl which will make users autosubscribed to the threads created when they post onto the map. @Zahra worked hard on this, but there was an error in the instructions and so her fix didn’t work. The task has been updated since.

We also now have a testing and development server due to some excellent efforts from @zofrex. It currently has an SSO bug relating to Discourse, so if anyone would like to work with me on resolving that please let me know.

@bob Has completed our new apps, with new logos from @isaiahgirard and is just waiting for me to send over new text before publishing them. I’ve been putting all my available time into finding people to tackle those two tasks above so we can launch functioning apps. Sorry Bob, i’m sure you are eager to get them live. If anyone enjoys proof reading and writing please do have a look at the post and comment your revision of the draft i posted.

The homepage (Reactjs) is also begging for a UX/UI overhaul, so anyone who’d like to do that please comment here.

@Rachel_Carton @lubbo @tmcnulty @donitel @MarinaOhNo @gristoi @redraushan @code_fu @sergiodl @ArtyS @byronanderson @raindecastro @SKaralius @Sabrina @caike08 @poozipotti @green-loutre @gamesover @kris_nit @vutran @ausJam @samp64 @beacon @Mateo @aeglobal @m-design @scottrobel @dgreuel @Drachoth @James


@UXers I can assist with testing the new homepage with participants once the new homepage is complete.

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hey, I should be able to give it a try today in the evening (central Europe timezone).

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I will take a look at the second task again at some point this week!


That’s great @Zahra. @lubbo would you like to have a go at copying the forms?

I plan to try it, seem to be pretty clear.

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what day/days are you planning to work on it @lubbo