App description for The Brighter Tomorrow Map

2nd Draft

Short: (80 char max)

Boost the social safety net with action to help vulnerable people where you live

Long: (4000 char max)

An app that makes it easy to find effective and positive ways you can help vulnerable people living near you. Our community support platform focuses on the elderly, immunocompromised and people who are homeless, espeically during this current global crisis. The Brighter Tomorrow platform makes it simple and easy to find the effective activities you can do to support people going through hard times near you.


No donations, guilt tripping or fundraising. We are focused on collecting the most effective activities and projects you can physically do to offer support.

Here you can:

  • See who lives on your route to the shops and needs help with their groceries, or maybe just dropping in for a cup of tea and a chat.

  • Browse a list of the most effective ideas collected from other users around the world for things you can post on the map to support people who are homeless in meeting their basic needs, and then walking the path to a brighter future

  • Find people living near by who want to join you as a team and recreate the most effective projects from around the world to supporting people who are homeless, isolated, or vulneable in your community

  • Print maps to give out on the streets so people who are homeless without access to the internet can find what they need to meet their basic needs

  • Translate the app into your language. It only takes about 15mins.

Like some help?

People who are currently homeless

There are more people living nearby who want to help you than there are people who are homeless. Most people just don’t know what they can do. The Brighter Tomorrow Map changes that. Here you will:

  • See offers from kind hearted people who want to support you building a happier and more comfortable life

  • Find a map of all the existing free resources you need to meet your basic needs that are available near you

  • Community sourced information which is constantly updated by members (please hep by reporting anything out of date)

  • Swap knowledge of where to find free resources with your friends, or post it to help others in the future who are going through difficult times.

People who would like support (but also have a home):

  • A space where you can connect with kind hearted people living near you

  • Post your shopping lists for healthy people nearby to pick things up for you. Plus suggestions on how to pay and also stay safe during this current crisis. Discuss times and days that suit you and your local helper/s (or have a tech-savvy relative do this for you)

  • Stay safe by seeing users trust ratings before meeting, agreeing a non-contact method of support like leaving groceries on your doorstep or posting a nearby location publicly and only sharing your address one-to-one with someone kind who’s offered to help

  • Got a smart phone or computer with a video camera? Why not post and request a video call so you can have a chat over a cup of tea or coffee with someone kind.

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@bob here’s the 2nd draft. Sorry i’ve been slow with this, finding someone to help with one of those last two React tasks (the form one) has been a real pain. People keep offering then dropping out.

I should be able to do the 1st draft for PHM tomorrow :slight_smile:

Looks good, I’m not sure about the “Translate the app into your language” line though because it doesn’t feel like it has anything to do with what the app does. Maybe the short description could be simpler so it’s easier to understand what the main point of the app is. Something like “Find free food, shelter and support near you for the homeless & vulnerable”.