Repeating Task: Post on Pinterest Five Times A Day

Post an image on our Pinterest account five times per day using photos from the image sources below.

We have a treasure trove of photos from our activities we can use to gain followers and brighten the world with smiles all around the world. Most have never been posted anywhere, ever. Please help them reach as many people as possible.

Repeat time:

Five times a day

Image Sources

Happy People

Featured Images

Positive Messages

All photos and videos

From our FB Page

From our FB Group

Avoiding Repeat Posting

If you are doing this task casually and occasionally then don’t worry about repeat images, its not really an issue. If you are doing this task often then please request access to edit the file you are taking images from and change the name of each photos after posting it so others can see if it’s been posted before and when it was last posted; using this format:

[year-month posted] _ [activity name] _ [original date]

For example:





Also use an online hashtag finder where you can enter a few words you think are fitting with the photo like ‘hug’ and see the best related hashtags to include.

Please read the social media guide to find out how to post most effectively and to help shape a brand image on each channel: Guide to posting photos on Social Media

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Looks great. Only one small thing missing and that’s to add ‘Repeating:’ at the beginning of the title so it can be found at a glance :slightly_smiling_face:

I’ll bow to your advice about the frequency, I know very little about Pinterest

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