Review our Community News Magazine

We have a very outdated community news section where users can write their own articles about their experiences of our projects and activities, then the @Copywriting team edit them and then approve them.

Everything works but its a real mess so its not used or promoted much. It would be great to have you and the @UXers work on improving it. You can choose between redesigning in Wordpress, or finding a better opensource solution built in Reactjs or a Discourse plugin.

As i’m typing the Magazine button at the top of this site is broken but you can access the site directly, just without the community chat plugin, here:

Here’s one potential solution which wouldn’t require much to implement: Discuss: I found a smooth looking Discourse Blog theme, should we convert our Wordpress Magazine to it?

My other thinking is that we have a fantastic unique system where users can comment on and discuss any paragraph they click on (Docuss) and it would be a huge shame not to use it.

Docuss can be installed in WordPress and is automatically installed in a Reactjs solution. That makes these two the preferred options over the Discourse plug-in I suggested above