Fix our Testing Server

Our testing server is down and not running.


Live Branches

Hosting domain unknown. @zofrex do you know where the domain is registered and the settings hosted?

Here’s the basic setup guide for a Discourse forum: Setting up Discourse via the admin section after launching a new site

Here is a discussion about an issue with the SSO settings which we struggled with: SSO for Brighter Tomorrow Map - #12 by AndyatFocallocal

We use Discourse as an single sign on provider for our React apps. This works fine on both live sites but the setup didn’t work on the testing server.

@JFort here’s the issue we discussed

This is good

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We were able to use this for testing, but none of us were ever able to login. I think i’ve worked out why, it doesn’t have its own DB set up or secrets file.

So we’d need to set up a new domain. Ask @zofrex or @tmcnulty to create a new secrets file and point it at the new DB.

This new server would be in a new “Testing Server” branch, so we can test things out there. Then if approved move them to Master. Then Merge the changes with the live sites.

I think its also a good idea to point another live site at Master, so Master becomes a staging area to check changes on a deployment copy site, and isolated from possible interference from others testing code on the testing server.

Testing Server → Master → Live Sites
(sandbox) → (staging area) → (individual site branches)