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Before the hack everyone involved is invited to contribute, vote and discuss ideas for tasks we can tackle during the hack week, which will help achieve the goal of a successful launch. Please post them as posts into this category and give them the ‘backlog’ tag. At the beginning of the hack the Hack Team will sort through them and create a priority list, moving the ones they expect to have the most effective impact into the ‘sprint’ list. You can read about how the Hack Team will evaluate tasks here


  • A 2 person documentary film crew is also expected to be there
  • The platform and token are ready for launch and will be tweaked during the event. The hack is mostly focused on publicity for this reason
  • Others will join in remotely by grabbing tasks from the to-do list and self-assigning them
  • The hack team are invited to stay involved and continue building, and earning tokens after the hack
  • One of the projects being advertised is re-wilding by relocating tree saplings from areas where they will always stay small, to spaces where they can grow into beautiful and mighty trees. You can read more about the project here:



  • Gain 200 - 1000 onboarded users on the platform
  • Gather over 100 suggested activities people can do alone, or with others in their local community which help battle climate catastrophe
  • Encourage discussions and voting on these activities so that the most effective float to the top, and any potential issues can be explored
  • Encourage over 100 users to create a community climate action activity on the platform
  • Grow followers on our social media platforms
  • Create a mass viral movement(s) where people film themselves carrying out an activity which benefits the fight for our climate and planet
  • Create a self-perpetuating social media strategy


  • Reach out to relevant publications around the world about our platform and have articles and videos published
  • Contact celebrities and social media stars and have them join in as figure heads for our project, or viral campaign(s)
  • Arrange speaking gigs and interviews for people in the project to spread our message further and grow publicity

Web Devs

  • Identify and implement high value improvements to the user experience
  • Build an iOS app for the platform (Android is already operational)
  • Build a token distribution bot to remove the need for manually distributing tokens
  • Modify our Kanban boards to enable moving cards on a mobile device

Plus any tasks your experience and creativity tells you will advance our shared mission best.


  • External channels: Alongside this platform and its app we’ll also be communicating in a Telegram channel and on Slack as they are mediums people are used to using. You can find them both linked in the banner for this Category.
  • Kanban boards: Each area of this platform has a Kanban board to organise its tasks. Please read how to use them here: Guide to using the 'Tasks' board

Will I get paid for this?

You wouldn’t be joining this hack if you didn’t believe it will succeed and if ShibaBNBMegaMoon can be worth something with one script kiddie in a basement pushing it out, then 30 talented and passionate professionals combining forces together for 1 week absolutely can do that too.

While there is no guarantee of your rewards being worth any specific price point, there is a guarantee that you will have had a fantastic holiday with others who share your positive vibes and desire to build a better world together, and be a part a dynamic team building a platform which will impact humanity in its greatest time of crisis.