Guide to using the 'Tasks' board


The missions board has two main functions.

  1. Break big projects down into little parts which anyone can accept and complete, making work flow smoothly and without interruption or time spent wrapping your head around a big task, not sure where to start.

  2. allow you to visualise progress. It will quickly become clear if you aren’t going to meet your deadline and you can decide which tasks to cut or shrink in a composed and intelligent fashion, rather the regular big rush at the end leading to a sudden chop of tasks you’d have liked to complete.

The Guide

  1. click create ‘new topic’ in your team’s category

(buttons in slightly different locations if using mobile)

  1. type up a Mission for one of the team. Missions should take less than 30mins, if longer try to break it up.

For example if you wanted to put ‘create a video’ as a task, its a big task.

This is the same task broken into sections, which could even been completed by different team members if needed:

  • ‘make cuttings of the best clips’’
  • ‘plan a story’
  • ‘put cuts into an order to tell story’
  • ‘smooth transitions between cuts’
  • ‘get feedback from others’
  • ‘create second draft based on feedback’
  • ‘get feedback from others again’
  • ‘final video created’
  1. define your card into a list by clicking ‘optional tags’ and typing one of the following:
  • useful-links
  • backlog: used to plan all tasks needed to complete the project
  • sprint: for current priority missions
  • doing: move cards here when they are being worked on
  • done: move cards here when complete


  1. click on a card in the you want to work on to open it up. Underneath it click ‘assign’ and type your user name.

(only visible if you’ve joined a team)


  1. move cards by dragging and dropping them between lists


  • currently the cards will duplicate when you move them. You can open them to delete the tag which is now incorrect.

  • you can’t drag and drop cards on a mobile right now

Sorry for the inconvenience