Guide to navigating our pre-launch platform

Its tricky at first to navigate this platform in its current state as its not intuitive yet and a few things don’t work so the learning curve is longer than ideal. The platform software is very flexible so there is no one correct way, but this is the recommended way to begin.

Home Page

Right away you’ll notice the Global search bar on the homepage looks important. Unfortunately it doesn’t yet work.

I recommend beginning with the ‘Global’ tab at the top if you want to engage with the Global community and using this to get back to the main overview page anytime you need.

Global Side

Now you’ve clicked the Global Tag you’re going to wind up in the overview for the Global side of our platform, where people from around the world can combine their skills to build projects which empower local people to create more peace and well-being around them.

Browse and click on any category you’re interested in, or click the ‘Latest’ tab to see what’s going on recently. Most posts are task oriented as this is a place for building. You’ll find the ‘Latest’ tab in the same place in every category.

If you’re landing in a Category for the 1st time check out the links in the banner which will explain how to participate there. In each category look for the ‘Tasks’ tab to find or suggests tasks to advance the overall community mission, or the specific mission of that Category which is also in its banner.

On mobile ‘Tasks, Calendar, Latest, etc’ are hidden in a drop down

  • Sprint is for the most urgent tasks
  • You are also welcome to grab any task from the Backlog queue
  • When grabbing a Task please click ‘Assign’ and assign it to yourself, and move it into the ‘Sprint’ queue. You now have 2 weeks to complete it.

Drag and drop doesn’t work Chrome mobile’s yet so you’ll have to edit the post and change tags manually to move a task. Also please use an abundance of tags in your posts to help others find them.

If you find yourself unable to move, or assign yourself a task please @ tag the @Welcome team to look at why and resolve it. You can also call on them for anything else you would like a little guidance on.


If you’d like to use our platform to meet others nearby you to take positive action to make where you live a kinder and friendlier place click on the ‘Local’ tab, or type your location into the search bar.

Here you can find local events, contact others nearby, and list yourself onto the map so others can find you. As the platform is pre-launch it’s likely that you will be the 1st one in your town, although you can fix that by inviting your friends or posting invites in local social media groups.

The biggest pre-launch issue here is that when you create a new listing you are not automatically following comments made on it.

Above you can see i have opened a post on the map and clicked ‘Stories’.

There are no current comments in this post so if i want to comment and contact the original poster i would click ‘+ New Topic’. Unfortunately as i have created the thread the original poster will not receive a notification of my post.

The work around to this temporary issue is that after posting yourself, or an event to the map you would also create the first comment in your post, setting yourself to be ‘watching’ for all replies.

If you want to contact someone on the map please do so by replying to their existing comment rather than making a new one, which they won’t be notified about.

Current Situation

We’re going to re-launch our revamped homelessness project before this platform, to show the world what our community can do, and what can be built on here (PHM). Then begin rolling out this platform which we call PHM for short.

You wouldn’t have been invited at this point unless you were a fabulous and positive person, so just go ahead being yourself around here and know that you’re growing the buzz and building our communities vibe as you go.

You should also know that this is a decentralized ownership community meaning that once you join it, you own it. Every decision is suggested and voted on by the members here, guided by our Community Values statement. As you get active and grow in rank your vote carries more weight in decision making. You’ll see that really kick into gear when we reach full launch.