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Welcome! Introduce yourself by making a post here. Please include what excites you about this community, as well as any skills you have, or want to learn, which you’d like to contribute to our mission of creating a kinder, friendlier world with more peace in. Experienced members will reply and help you get started Tools: Getting Started - Navigating

Welcome to the Public Happiness Community!

Congratulations you are the very first members of our new community platform dedicated to create more peace, kindness and happiness in the world.

Its a pretty big place and we’re still finalising some core navigation components so its best to explore in your own time.

This category is for you and your colleagues in the Prequel Wave, joining in before we’re even ready for Alpha testing. As you’re the 1st here you can define pretty any role you want for yourself in this community.

This ‘Prequel Wave’ category is for you all. Its dedicated to your experience the community and platform, and to help support each other. If you’d like support from a more experienced member use the @Welcome tag in a comment anywhere.

I should also mention that this is a decentralised ownership platform. When it reaches full launch you’ll own it every bit as much as i and the web dev team do. It’ll never sell your data, or spam you with adverts… which is nice :sunglasses:

1st steps to find your way

  • Read the community values if you haven’t already and check that you want to be here
  • Introduce yourself in this category and please include any skills you have, or want to learn, that you’d like to contribute to the mission.
  • Download the Android or iOS app. (the iOS one needs to be pointed at
  • Post yourself onto the Happiness Map by clicking ‘Gather’ if you’d like others nearby to be able to invite you to go create kindness together (we recommend using a landmark nearby rather than your actual address)
  • This site isn’t complete yet and you will get lost so have a look through the finding your way around guide
  • Give other members hearts, positivity and encouragement if their contributing is a positive step to the the overall mission of creating more kindness, peace and well-being in the world.
  • Any general feedback you have can go here
  • Report anything that doesn’t work as expected here. A lot of the things you find will already be on the list to fix, but its ok to nag the dev team to get onto it :grinning:
  • Join our Telegram if you use it for general chat around the project (and in case the platform hits a tech issue and goes down for a bit)
  • If/when you get lost use the ‘Local’ or ‘Global’ tab in the header to reorient

Getting More Involved

This platform is focused on its mission to create more kindness, peace and well-being in the world, so you will find it very task and action focused

  • If you’d like to get involved in building click on ‘Global’ and pick a category you’d like to contribute to. Follow the Getting Started Guide in the banner of that category.
  • Write a post asking what needs building. If there is no-one active there @tag Andy at Focallocal and we’ll discuss what together what can be done to contribute to our shared mission.
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Hello :wave: my name is Peter, I am from England but am currently living in Barcelona, Spain!

I came across this project during Hacktober and love the concept and vision. Community spirit has always been something important to me, so being able to contribute to something like this great!

I am currently working as web developer for an open-source company but would like to apply my skills elsewhere. I’m primarily a front-end developer and am currently working with JS and Django. In the past I have worked on the back-end with Node.js and Python. I am hoping to improve my skills with react.

Feel free to reach out if you want to know anything about me,
Peter :slight_smile:

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Hi Peter,

My sister just asked me if I considered living in the UK. She’s lived aboard for some years. I’ve been planning to live abroad, too (Mexico), but life has other plans for me. I want to explore Latin American culture, learn Spanish, and deepen my self-knowledge.

Spain is the only EU country I’ve been to, and I loved it! How long have you been there? Do you mind sharing a highlight from your perspective?

I’m from the US. Florida native. I moved to the west coast year and some change ago.

I’m a React developer, so I look forward to connecting with you as we continue improving. Open to talking about all things React and putting our heads together if needed.

May I connect with you on LinkedIn?


Hi All,

My name is Kateria - Greek in origin, mom grew up in Europe. Feel free to call me by my nickname Kat if you’d like.

I’m very excited to be here. Finally, PHM is a project I can be aligned with and proud to contribute to. I’m thankful to find a community like this. I love the conscious intention behind it and its thoughtfulness and transparent nature. Energy doesn’t lie.

I’m a visionary and can 1000% see the impact a platform like this can have on our world. They say seeing is believing, but in my reality, believing is seeing. All of the various aspects of this project are beautiful.

Homelessness has a special place in my heart. I’ve been homeless many times throughout my youth due to family challenges growing up (poverty, low-income, single-parent home). It’s impacted me in more ways than I can write here. I wouldn’t be the woman I am today without those experiences.

I have an idea to tackle homelessness with technology, but it seems people in tech working on this challenge are pretty rare, and I’m not in a place to create a start-up, so I’m here :slight_smile:

I’m a software engineer specializing in front-end web development, but I am willing to work full-stack. I intend to focus on contributing to the UI tasks and dive deeper into React. I’m enjoying it! I want to learn Redux and GraphQL next.

I’m a writer too. I can also contribute to our technical documentation and will jump in whenever feedback is needed.

Feel free to connect with me on LinkedIn -