Colored threads/Tasks add on kanban platform

We want to be able to change the background colour of each thread on the platform with that colour being defined by its tag.

For example:

Background colour: Tag
Green: open
Orange: shaping
Red: building

On the boards view there should be a small key above the boards information members what each colour means.

This is to aid productivity in a decentralised governance structure as new members posting with new ideas into a thread where good work is taking place requires those who are doing the work to stop and discuss the new idea, slowing progress.

For that reason we want to be able to label our discussion threads:

  • open for all ideas
  • open for shaping meaning users should read previous comments and discuss the ideas presentented
  • building, meaning all discussion is focused on building the ideas previously discussed

Ofcourse new ideas are always welcome but in the shaping and building phases new ideas should be posted as their own thread so they don’t interrupt productivity