[Discussion] Training path built to help all users understand the site during onboarding

@webdev and @UXers here’s a new discussion on a system to improve our engagement and users understanding of what the project is. I now believe our platform scope is too large for a walkthrough before users begin to use the platform and it would be better to have a training path with set tasks to learn about the community and platform, with rewards for completing each section.


Our site has a wide variety of functionalities, leaving new users lost when arriving here with engagement levels very low.


A training path should be built for new users with tasks in all major areas of the platform to help users get familiar with the main functions they have available, and badges awarded for completing it. Users Trust level will also level up once completed.

This discussion is to plan the key points we want to achieve from the training path and how best to implement it, before i divide it up into individual parts.

Technical Requirements:

The guide would be best built as a Discourse plugin which is usually Ruby on Rails (Global side) as this is where the main user interface exists. Users can be directed to tasks on the Local (ReactJS and MeteorJS) side via direct links. How to record their progress on tasks that occur on the Local side needs to be worked out.

Key information delivered during tasks:

  1. Understanding of our Community Values
  2. Understanding of the platform’s mission statement, design goals, and where to find the individual mission statement of each category
  3. The main options for navigating the platform
  4. How to set their notifications up
  5. How to connect a wallet and begin earning tokens
  6. What it means that the platform is decentralised and upon agreeing with the community values statement they are now owners of this platform
  7. How to join in an existing discussion correctly (this links with the different colour coded threads task)
  8. How to propose a new task
  9. How to propose or join a vote
  10. How to propose a new project ready for voting
  11. How to follow Community News, how to submit your own media and articles to our Community News
  12. How to see pre-approved activities and how to suggest your own
  13. How to find, join and tag Teams

14. How to create an activity on the map
15. How to invite others nearby to join them at that activity
16. How to post themselves onto the map, and why
17. Anything else i’ve missed?

Discussion Points:

  1. Does anyone know of any good case studies of user onboarding training schemes we can use as templates?
  2. How long should a good onboarding course ideally take to complete?
  3. What’s the best delivery method? (for example, stand alone, automated messages in DMs)
  4. Is there any ready made software we can use or repurpose for this
  5. What make up of monthly tokens released should be set aside to incentivise users for completing this?
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  1. Automated DMs seems a more direct way to encourage users to participate. A stand alone system would require them to want to seek it out.

  2. My initial thoughts are they’d post each one as a complete task and so receive tokens in the same way as anyone completing a task. Other users could then give hearts in each completed task to support their onboarding and set their own value to the training course. If they value new members completing the training path then they would visit the onboarding category and give lots of hearts in the ‘done’ column to incentivise new users to learn how to use the platform correctly.