Update Forms

Upgrade uniforms version and re-implement forms.

Previous discussion:

Some questions:

  1. Do we still want to use uniforms library?
  2. Is there any form design I can look? What about all the required and optional fields that need to be on each form?
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  1. No, if you think there’s a better option you’re welcome to change it
  2. There’s a long discussion about forms which covers all requirements. It’ll try to find it and share it today.

Thanks. I’ve read the thread, and I figured I will summarize my understanding here, and a question.

  1. We want to create 3 separate forms. But they won’t be all available at the same time, ie, having 3 buttons/links. There is a default form, and the administrator will post the links for the other forms when circumstances arise.

  2. The event model won’t change, ie, the DB schema. The form fields won’t change. We just need to create about the same forms but with different label text(can use prefix for now and edit before using them), and obviously, the time options are different.

My question is:
What are the 3 forms exactly? I knew you mentioned several times, but I didn’t get a clear picture. My thought was:

form 1: post resources
form 2: post events
form 3: post myself - this is for people that needs help. Is that right?

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  1. There are three things which can be posted onto the maps.
  • Users, so others can communicate with them and invite them to join activities (depending how they set their contact choices). This form should advise users to use a landmark nearby rather than their home address for safety and privacy purposes.
  • Events/resources. Some fixed, some for a set period and some at a certain time and day. We need to ask @UXers to look at how to present these two options to users and whether that should be one button or two. Right now its a single button leading to a single form with a toggle between the two options. The toggle hides some sections, but tbh that made it a real pain to make the shared titles work for both forms and there was some functionality it would be nice to one but not the other, like asking a user if/how they want to be contacted by other users and notified of activities nearby.
  • Special events. In BTM this is for disaster relief although I can’t remember exactly why the second form didn’t work for this as it would be similar resources to the homelessness resources being posted (food, shelter, medical access, kind offers from the local community, etc).
    We decided to create the third form for Covid19 and I’m going to need to read through past messages and see why the 2nd form didn’t work for this. I think it was that users who couldn’t shop could post their shopping lists and others could drop shopping at at their door. Which was a new functionality, but outside of a pandemic i’m not sure its needed.
  1. Yes, that’s correct. We’d add a few new fields.