[Discussion] Teleport Setup Group

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I’ve set up this thread for us exploring and setting up Teleport. We can use this thread to chat about how its going, and any needs, suggestions or questions we have, and turn discussions here into tasks to be completed.

The current status is that myself, Tom and Marvelous have access and can make you an account and and grant you access when we are online at the same time. The reason is that the account creation link we send you needs to be clicked within 1hr or it expires. The BTM server is connected. The PHM and Master servers need to be connected.

The goals of this thread are to get all our servers setup on Teleport and good documentation created for everything we learn so its all as easy as possible for everyone who follows us.

Anyone online today to receive their link?

I’ve done the link part, right?

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Yes. Can you see anything listed in the ‘servers’ tab?

There seems to be an issue with it that Tom’s looking at now.

I don’t see anything listed.


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Thanks. I guess its not yet set up correctly. we’re you able to access our server on Digital Ocean with the SSH key i hooked up?

If you want to have a chat with Tom on Slack to see if he needs any help with finding the issue with Teleport i’m sure he’d love that :slight_smile:

Haven’t tried it yet, I will do that this week.

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Since Tom is looking at it, we I won’t want to put pressure on him.

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