Components: i18n for all text and languages


All text on our platforms should be in the i18n folder. This makes it very quick and easy to update it for translation or improving.

i18n is a plugin for adding multiple languages. It’s reads the url and returns different text if the url is different. So if we hook it up to i18n/pl/ then redirect polish users to /pl, then the site will load the polish language. We intend to use this to convert our platforms into every language.

If you come across any text or titles a platform user can see which isn’t defined in i18n, please move it in there as it should have been.

calling text via i18n:

add this to the page header, if it’s not already there:
import i18n from "../../../../both/i18n/en";

here’s an example of i18n code added into a page:

{, index) => {
        return (
          <Col key={index} className="ml-5 pl-5 mt-5" xs={11}>
            <h3>{item.heading} </h3>
            <li className="mb-3 text-left">{item.text}</li>

Please do post improvements to this documentation below. it’s done to the best of my understanding, but not as good as it should be.

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